Tempting Teaser: Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter

“And was that a no on watching us make out with each other?” Ava asked. No Mercy. No matter how badly she wanted to tongue him.

His nostrils flared, even as his gaze–which had never left her–traveled over her, lingering in all the right places. Her suddenly pebbling nipples, the now aching apex of her thighs. Goose bumps broke out over her skin, the cool night air blending with the warmth from the campfire and licking over her. Another shiver rocked her.

“Well?” she prompted, hating the breathlessness of her voice.

“That’s a yes,” he rasped.

She almost grinned. Typical male. Little did he know, he’d just bought himself a one-way ticket to AIR HQ.

“Excellent choice! I’ve been dying to put my mouth all over this little morsel for too long. So come here, you sexy piece of sexy goodness, you.” Noelle grabbed Ava by the shoulders and tugged her close, lips lowering to plant a big, wet one.

Ava made sure to moan really loudly as her hands slid down…down…the seeming delicate bumps of Noelle’s spine. She cupped Noelle’s ass with her right hand, made a mental note to inquire what kind of workout program her friend had been doing, then curled the fingers of her left hand–the one farthest away from the vampire–around a tiny pyre-gun stored beneath Noelle’s too-tight jeans.

“Dear God,” McKell said now. Had he expected them to balk at kissing each other, even after offering to do so?

Without pulling her lips from Noelle’s, she aimed the gun toward him, keeping the barrel flat against her friend, hidden. Then she released Noelle’s ass, let those fingers trace the waist of the jeans, as if desperate to sink down, past her panties and into heat, knowing the vampire’s attention followed, all the while allowing the gun a straight shot.

She squeezed the trigger.

A blue beam erupted, lighting up the night, nailing him in the chest, and stunning him in place. Boom. Done. For the next twenty-four hours, he would see and hear everything around him, but be unable to move.

Too. Easy.

The kiss ended, and Noelle grinned down at her, all white teeth and smugness. “Wow. I really felt your passion for me that time.”

Ava rolled her eyes as she stuffed the gun back into her friend’s pants. “Shut up.”

“Seriously. How long have you been walking around with this huge crush on me?”

“Like you could handle me.”



Noelle glanced at the unmoving McKell and tsked under her tongue. “What an amateur.”

“I know, right? Mia said he’s be a challenge.”

“Clearly our idea of a challenge differs.”

“Who falls for the lesbian act anymore, anyway?” Ava asked with a disappointed shake of her head.

“Men. Always.”

“Yeah, but this one’s a vampire.”

Noelle patted the top of Ava’s head as if she were a child. And stupid. “A vampire with a penis.”


As if the insects surrounding the camp realized the vampire no longer posed a threat, they began to sing and chirp. Amid the chorus, she and Noelle approached McKell. He still sat upon that rock, still held those blades, only now he was immobile. Both of them crouched so that they were eye-to-eye with him.

“He really is beautiful, isn’t he?” Noelle observed.

Since Ava wouldn’t be enjoying him anytime soon, she saw no reason to praise him. “He’s okay, I guess.” God, those eyelashes stretched forever. And up close like this, she could see the flecks of emerald mixed with the violet of his irises. What an odd combination. Odd but gorgeous. Even better, there was a rose tint to his cheeks, as if he was flushed with arousal. For her and only her.

Noelle patted his cheek, just as she’d done to the top of Ava’s head. “Don’t let this destroy your desire for me, McKell. Like I told you, I called dibs, so if you just cooperate with Mia, you and me will be rolling around in bed before you know it. Well, maybe. You were a very naughty boy, and I’ll need to tame you first.”

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Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter
October 26th 2010 by Simon & Schuster
Paranormal Romance
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