Tempting Teaser: A Notorious Countess Confesses by Julie Anne Long

A Notorious Countess Confesses

Tempting Teaser

“You’d like to become a member of the Lady’s Society?”

She nodded.

He drummed his fingers thoughtfully again.

“Tell me, Lady Balmain…” he began pleasantly. “And by all means, please do correct me if I’m wrong…”

“Very well,” she said cautiously.

“Did you once wink at a man and cause a duel?”

“Well, yes. You see, there was something in my eye. It was all a great misunderstand–”

“Or inspire a young man to fall out of a balcony to get a look into your bodice?”

“He’d been misinformed,” she said hurriedly. “There was nothing out of the ordinary to see, just a–”

“Show your ankles on stage at the theater?”

“And…sometimes my calves,” she allowed weakly.

“…and enter matrimony as a result of a wager?”

“Can you blame the man? I’m an irresistible prize.”

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A Notorious Countess Confesses by Julie Anne Long
October 30th 2012 by Avon
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