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blog comments - question markEvery now and then I like to take a good look at the blog and make sure we’re keeping up with our community and what they want. My goal is to keep the blog as reader friendly as possible. Recently I was browsing around the community and I saw a few comments on other blogs about threaded comments and how some people just don’t care for them.

When I moved Fiction Vixen over to the WordPress platform, I didn’t set up threaded comments. I went with the standard format and added an @reply function so when you clicked the “reply” button it added “@username” to the beginning of your comment so people would know who you were responding to but still added your comment after the previous commenter keeping the comments sorted by time. Examples of the @reply comments can be found at Dear Author and The Book Pushers.

Later I switched to threaded commenting. This nests replies to specific comments right under the comment you responded to with an indent. While this is fine for posts with fewer comments, it can cause problems for readers who have subscribed to comments and are returning to continue in the conversation because they will have search for the response higher up in the conversation. This method has it’s advantages and disadvantages. An example of threaded comments can be seen here on this thread (click and then scroll a little).

I’d like to know if you prefer threaded comments, or non-threaded comments with the option to add @reply. I can also add comment numbering. Please take a moment to vote so we know what our readers prefer. You can add your additional comments in the comments section but don’t forget to vote.

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  1. says

    I definitely like the threaded comments.
    What I DON’T LIKE is the comment form. The fact that it is a form in itself asking for information that I really would rather not provide or type in is sometimes discouraging for me.

  2. says


    I like the comment form the way it is now, and that you give us an option to edit if we need it. But, either way sounds fine to me. Whatever works best for everyone. :)

  3. pamelia says

    I don’t care either way as long as I don’t have to do those word verification thingies. :)

  4. says

    I love the way DA does it, a mix between regular and threaded comments. It’s great for long discussions because you can follow the actual timeline. But Threaded also has its advantages, especially for the person writing the post because it’s easier to answer each comment individually. But my vote goes for the DA way, I wish blogger had it 😉

  5. says

    I like the threaded comments and I wish I could do that with my blog. I find it makes for better conversation flow and I’m more apt to reply if I can do right at the source rather than down the line of comments. Is this something that can be done on blogger or only WP?

  6. says

    I voted for threaded! I love the way you can easily have a conversation!

    @twimon227, if you set your comments to embedded in blogger then you it will be threaded comments.

  7. says

    I don’t really like threaded comments. I am one of those people who love to subscribe to comments, and when a comment is answered by the blogperson, you have no idea for whom the comment is. I don’t usually go back to read all the comments, only sometimes when the reply is meant for me, and perhaps answers or asks a question.
    If you read a blog later, than it is more easy to read all the threaded comments aka a conversation, which can be fun too.

  8. erinf1 says

    I like the threaded comments b/c if you’re responding specifically to one commenter, it’s obvious and they can see it vs. hoping they read through all the following comments.

    But I’m not really partial to any one type of comment type really … just as long as they don’t have the damned CAPTCHA!!! lol… oooh… but I really like the edit thingy…