Random Friday Stuff: Google, Subscriptions, Mac and More

Fiction Vixen Friday

Google Reader Discontinued/Dead/Axed/GOING AWAY Yesterday Google announced the demise of Google Reader. I am baffled but ok Google, whatever. I’ll be looking for another reader to keep up with my favorite blogs. Here are a few alternatives I’m looking at: Flipboard It looks cool, and you can get it for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad […]

WordPress Link Roundup: Backups, Advanced Search and More

Link Roundup

Backing Up Your WordPress Blog How To: Backup Your WordPress site to Google Drive Whether you are new to WordPress or an expert, you should know that backing-up your wordpress blog is an essential step you must take after installation of your WordPress site. Not just once but regularly to prevent loss of your work […]

It’s Monday! Audio Books, WordPress, Funny Stuff, Book Deals

Link Roundup

Audio Books 27 Free Kindle ebooks + Audiobooks with Whispersync Amazon.com is currently having a promotion to demonstrate their new Whispersync technology. All you have to do is select the free kindle e-book that you want and then purchase it for $0.00. Then you will see a banner ad on the right that will direct […]

New GoodReads Guidelines, ICED Teaser, Audiobook Releases, Pirates and More

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News and Posts of Interest Chicks & Dicks: Industry News: Pirates (Arrrr!) To a casual visitor, this just looks like a good place to buy books. They are a great deal, and surely the author and publisher authorized this and are getting paid, right? There are the paypal and…via: chicksanddicksrainbow.com This stunned me. Seriously people, […]

J.R. Ward Virtual Signing, WordPress Security, Posts Of Interest and More

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What’s happening in my RSS feed: Bookish Posts of Interest: Virtual Signing for RAPTURE by J.R. Ward is now open Good morning! We are opening the Virtual Signing for RAPTURE today, Sunday, 8/5 at 8.30 AM EST! (Which is in 20 mins lol) via:facebook.com J.R. Ward fans, get your books signed!   The Consumerist » […]

Friday Pets and Other Stuff

rainbow dog

Happy Friday my friends! I had this idea for my Friday post; something about rainbows. I thought, hey, I need a rainbow graphic!! So off I went to my usual source but I wasn’t happy with the anything I found. Then I remembered morguefile.com. Look what I found you guys!!! A rainbow dog!! Oh-em-gee. I […]

My Favorite WordPress Plugins: Part II Social Networking

In my last “My Favorite WordPress Plugins” post I told you about three plugins I think are essential to running my blog more efficiently. Today I want to tell you about a couple of social networking plugins that I use. There are many different choices out there when it comes to promoting your blog via […]

My Favorite WordPress Plugins: Part 1


Recently I did a post on what a newbie should know before going plugin crazy. Now that I’ve shaken you up, scared you and made you all skittish, I’m going to entice you to throw caution to the wind and tell you about a few of my favorite free WordPress plugins. Keep in mind, plugins sometimes […]

WordPress Plugins: What This Noob Knows…Or Not


One of the many benefits of blogging on the self-hosted WordPress platform is all the available plugins than can be used to enhance your blogging experience. Most plugins are free, like WordPress itself. They are generously created and maintained by members of the WordPress community and can be searched and downloaded from the WordPress.org plugin […]