Random Friday Stuff: Google, Subscriptions, Mac and More

Fiction Vixen Friday

Google Reader Discontinued/Dead/Axed/GOING AWAY Yesterday Google announced the demise of Google Reader. I am baffled but ok Google, whatever. I’ll be looking for another reader to keep up with my favorite blogs. Here are a few alternatives I’m looking at: Flipboard It looks cool, and you can get it for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad […]

WordPress Link Roundup: Backups, Advanced Search and More

Link Roundup

Backing Up Your WordPress Blog How To: Backup Your WordPress site to Google Drive Whether you are new to WordPress or an expert, you should know that backing-up your wordpress blog is an essential step you must take after installation of your WordPress site. Not just once but regularly to prevent loss of your work […]

It’s Monday! Audio Books, WordPress, Funny Stuff, Book Deals

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Audio Books 27 Free Kindle ebooks + Audiobooks with Whispersync Amazon.com is currently having a promotion to demonstrate their new Whispersync technology. All you have to do is select the free kindle e-book that you want and then purchase it for $0.00. Then you will see a banner ad on the right that will direct […]

New GoodReads Guidelines, ICED Teaser, Audiobook Releases, Pirates and More

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News and Posts of Interest Chicks & Dicks: Industry News: Pirates (Arrrr!) To a casual visitor, this just looks like a good place to buy books. They are a great deal, and surely the author and publisher authorized this and are getting paid, right? There are the paypal and…via: chicksanddicksrainbow.com This stunned me. Seriously people, […]

J.R. Ward Virtual Signing, WordPress Security, Posts Of Interest and More

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What’s happening in my RSS feed: Bookish Posts of Interest: Virtual Signing for RAPTURE by J.R. Ward is now open Good morning! We are opening the Virtual Signing for RAPTURE today, Sunday, 8/5 at 8.30 AM EST! (Which is in 20 mins lol) via:facebook.com J.R. Ward fans, get your books signed!   The Consumerist » […]