Samantha’s Top 10 of 2010

Samantha’s Top 10 of 2010 Thanks to FV for letting us do this. It was fun to to come up with my favorites of 2010. But I should mention how evil FV can be – she originally told us to pick our Top 5. I immediately came up with my Top 6 and refused budge […]

Catherine’s Top Five Favorite Books of 2010

I’ve had a pretty good reading year so far. A large majority of the books I read this year were not new releases, but some of them were. My absolute favorite five new releases of 2010 (in no particular order) are: 1. Seven Secrets of Seduction by Anne Mallory. I loved that book. The sexual […]

Amy’s 2010 Top Picks

Amy’s 2010 Top 5 Picks So this year thanks to my many friends on GoodReads and Twitter I discovered some amazing books and found a greater love for romance and urban fantasy! I also had the privilege of becoming a regular reviewer here at FVBR which added to my discovery of many incredible books. I […]

Tracy’s Top Picks For 2010

Tracy’s 2010 Top Picks This was great reading year for me.  I caught the reading bug last fall and have already over 100 books this year (5 times more than last).  This feat was in large part due to my girl Amy and her willingness to talk about books and beta reviews at all hours […]

Sophia’s Top Picks For 2010

I asked the reviewers here at Fiction Vixen to write up their top 5-10 favorites of this year.  I limited it to between five and ten just to make it easy on them but told them to do whatever they wanted.  I figured I’d do the same.  But when I sat down to create my […]