Review: Perfect Fit by Carly Phillips

Perfect Fit by Carly Phillips

Cara Hartley and Michael Marsden had a smoking hot one night stand but three months later they pretend it never happened.  Now Mike has returned to town to take over the Chief of Police position while his father is recovering from cancer and Cara is a cop that works for him.  Mike has never been […]

Review: Destiny by Carly Phillips


I wanted to review Destiny by Carly Phillips because I have always liked her past work.  Her stories have fun characters, an engaging plot and some hot lovin’ to go along with it.  I really enjoyed her Hot Zone and Lucky series.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that I enjoyed Destiny as much as her previous […]

Review: Serendipity by Carly Phillips

Faith and Ethan knew each other in high school. She was the rich princess and he was the bad boy. One night he gave her a ride home and stole a kiss—and tried to steal more, although he was denied. 😉 Fast forward to the present and their positions are almost completely reversed. Faith’s father […]