Win A SIGNED Copy of ICED by Karen Marie Moning!!

ICED Karen Marie Moning

Today is release day for ICED, (mass market paperback edition). So for all you fans who have unspeakable will power beyond all reason, and insist on waiting, today is your day. Go forth and get your copy and eat it with ketchup! I have no will power and I preordered that sucker in hardcover AND […]

Heads Up! Karen Marie Moning LIVE Chat About ICED and The Fever Series!

Iced Karine Marie Moning

  Karen Marie Moning will be hosting a chat on her Facebook event page today at 11:00am EST. (That’s 8:00am for my fellow left coasters) There will be spoilers! She says: Log on to get all your burning ICED questions answered and score inside information on future Fever novels. We posted a theory post here […]

ICED: What The Feck We Think…

Iced Karine Marie Moning

Spoilers ahoy!! If you have not read Iced, go back! Turn away! Thar be spoilers ahead!  Last chance! Spoilers are happening. You have been warned. Look away.  ~~**~~ Jen: A couple of days ago we discussed ICED: How the feck we felt.  After giving everyone some time to read the book and speculate we also […]

ICED: How The Feck We Felt

Iced Karine Marie Moning

***We have have not posted anything here we consider to be spoilers, however some have different views on what is or is not a spoiler. Read at your own risk.***   “I make a new discovery that totally blows. Dying is the easy part. It’s coming back to life that sucks.” —Dani   “You’re too […]

ICED Book Trailer

Iced Karine Marie Moning

ICED by Karen Marie Moning I’m sure all you Moning maniacs are checking Karen Marie Moning’s Facebook page regularly, but if not, she posted the book trailer for ICED. Here it is. Oh Dani. So much responsibility for such a youngster. (The Mega would kill me for calling her a youngster HA!) Who’s freaking excited for the release […]

Read The First 27 Pages of ICED by Karen Marie Moning!

Iced Karine Marie Moning

Iced: A Dani O’Malley Novel (Fever Series) by Karen Marie Moning   Karen Marie Moning released the first 27 pages of ICED due for release October 30th! I read it and I’m so ready for this book! Bring.It.On!! Pre-Order ICED: ** AMZ * BN * Kobo * Sony **