Amy’s Friday Five – 5 Best Freebies This Week!

Bad Company K.A. Mitchell

The Duchess War by Courtney Milan 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Too Fast by Alexia Haynes 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Douglas: Lord of Heartache by Grace Burrowes 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Summer Wine by Jess Dee 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO These bargains were found at AMZ (US) […]

Amy’s Friday Five: Cowboys, Boys and Zombies

Loving Lauren  Jill Sanders

It’s Friday so that means it’s freebie time. Here are Amy’s favorite picks this week. Heart of Africa by Loren Lockner 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Loving Lauren  by Jill Sanders 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO So Far Gone by Avril Ashton 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Love with a Chance of Zombies by Delphine Dryden 0.00 AMZ […]

Amy’s Friday Five! Nov. 7, 2014

Blonde Date- An Ivy Years Novella by Sarina Bowen

Fighting Faith by Brandie Buckwine 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Blonde Date: An Ivy Years Novella by Sarina Bowen 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Losing Logan by Sherry Ficklin 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Devil’s Angels Boxed Set: Bikers and Alpha Bad Boy Erotic Romance  by Joanna Wilson, Celina Reyer, Evelyn Glass, Emily Stone 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO […]

Amy’s Friday Five Fabulous Freebies For You!

All About You Joanna Mazurkiewicz

It’s your favorite time of the week! Friday and freebie time. Enjoy! Where Their Hearts Collide by Zoe York 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Painted Faces by L. H. Cosway 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Freedom’s Son by Jayna King 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO All About You by Joanna Mazurkiewicz 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Divine and Dateless […]

Amy’s Friday Five: Five Fabulous Freebies!

Primal Instinct by Sydney Somers

Can’t believe it’s already Friday! Not that I’m complaining. I love Fridays. Fridays are sexy. Here are a few of Amy’s favorite sexy freebie romances. Enjoy!   Primal Instinct by Sydney Somers 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO The Hostage Bargain by Annika Martin 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO Murderous Lies by Chantel Rhondeau 0.00 AMZ B&N KOBO […]

Friday Five – Amy’s Favorite Freebies This Week


$0.00 Sons of Mayhem: The First Novel by Nikki Pink **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 Scandal by Carolyn Jewel **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 Inside Heat by Roz Lee **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 Blood Lust by Zoe Winters **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 White Lion’s Lady […]

Amy’s Friday Five: October 3 – FREEBIES

L.G. Castillo

It’s time for Amy’s favorite freebies of the week!!! The Probability of Violet and Luke by Jessica Sorensen $ 0 AMZ B&N Kobo Strong and Wilde by L.G. Castillo $ 0 AMZ B&N Kobo Searching for Moore by Julie A. Richman $ 0 AMZ B&N Kobo Reckless-A Dangerous Game by Priscilla West $ 0 AMZ […]

Amy’s Friday Five!

Every week Amy searches the internet for romance freebies just for you. Here are her top 5 picks this week. Enjoy! $0.00 Wildcard: Volume One by Missy Johnson **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 By Chance by Cat Grant **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 Untamed: The Complete Collection by Ana Meadows **AMZ […]

The Friday Five by Amy


$0.00 Black Gold: Takhini Wolves by Vivian Arend **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 All For You by Marquita Valentine **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 Up on the Housetop by Suzanne Rock **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** $0.00 Blaze of Glory by Mandy M. Roth **AMZ * BN * Kobo ** […]