Review: One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy

One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy After Hours series #2

Book one in Elle Kennedy’s After Hours series was a sexy one and left the reader wanting more of Reed and Darcy.  One Night of Sin first introduced us to the couple but they were not together.  Darcy was actually AJ’s girlfriend.  AJ is the third partner in the Gage, Reed and AJ trio, owners […]

Review: One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy

One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy After Hours series #1

Gage Holt is one sexy beast.  He has tats, he is a former MMA fighter, he co-owns his own nightclub, he has that angsty, bad boy thing going on….do I really need to write the rest of this review?? Serving as the role of the bouncer in the club he co-owns Gage spies Skyler sitting in […]

Review: Midnight Games by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Games Elle Kennedy

Trevor Callaghan lost his fiancée when he wasn’t around to protect her and for two years he was a broken man.  He quit his mercenary work and at one point contemplated suicide.  He was reckless in the field with complete disregard for his own safety until one woman snuck under his shell of grief. Isabel Roma is […]

Review: Hotter Than Ever by Elle Kennedy

Hotter Than Ever Elle Kennedy

My first Elle Kennedy experience was the straight guy bj scene in Feeling Hot.  That scene alone won Ms. Kennedy a reader for life, however when I found out Hotter than Ever was Dylan’s, one of the participants in the straight guy bj, book I was pretty excited. Claire has been left at the altar by Dylan’s brother […]

Hot And Cold Blog Tour: Elle Kennedy and Vivian Arend (Giveaway)


Cool Canadians, Hot Contemporaries  November 20, Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy share a release day at Samhain Publishing: ROCKY MOUNTAIN ANGEL and GETTING HOTTER. We’re stopping off at some of our favorite blogs to ramble for a bit and share some COOL or HOT excerpts, just for fun. The theme for this post? Hot Gossip […]

Review: Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy

Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy

Seth Masterson enjoys being single and likes to have no strings attached sex. Being a super-sexy, bad boy type AND a Navy SEAL, he has no trouble at all attracting plenty of beautiful women. But one woman in particular has had his attention for a very long time. Miranda Breslin is a former showgirl who […]

Review: Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy

Heat of the Moment Elle Kennedy

Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy is a short novella which was published in the Red-Hot Summer anthology, however this title can be purchased separately. After having just read Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy I was ready to read more of the Out of Uniform series so I rushed to buy a copy of […]

Review: Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy

Feeling Hot Elle Kennedy

Feeling Hot is the 7th book in the Out of Uniform series by Elle Kennedy. I’m familiar with this author’s books, I’ve read a couple of her titles and a couple of others have been reviewed here at Fiction Vixen. A friend emailed me recently with a lot of words but three words jumped off […]

Review: Born to Be Wild by Elle Kennedy

Born To Be Wild Elle Kennedy

Good girl Bree is back in town visiting her parents and agrees to participate in a charity auction.  She is shocked when Jake Bishop, her old high school fling, bids on her.  Bree hasn’t seen Jake in years since they both went their separate way; her to law school and him to the military. Jake […]

Review: Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Rescue - Elle Kennedy

Midnight Rescue is the first book in a new series by Elle Kennedy.  We are immediately introduced to a hunky set of men that all work for the same team.  They are former CIA, FBI, Seals, and so on.  This sort of plot really appeals to me because it usually means we will get to […]