ICED: What The Feck We Think…

Iced Karine Marie Moning

Spoilers ahoy!! If you have not read Iced, go back! Turn away! Thar be spoilers ahead!  Last chance! Spoilers are happening. You have been warned. Look away.  ~~**~~ Jen: A couple of days ago we discussed ICED: How the feck we felt.  After giving everyone some time to read the book and speculate we also […]

Jen and Sophia Talk About Serial Romance


Jen recently reviewed Beth Kery’s new serial, Because You Are Mine here at Fiction Vixen. Before this, I was not familiar with this publishing format and while I was intrigued, I was a bit skeptical as well. I rarely read a book in one sitting, but on the other hand, I can if I really […]

Jen Discusses Books-To-Movies

Books To Movies

I took my kids to see The Lorax this weekend and as I was sitting there I started to think about books that have been made into movies. The more I thought about it, the more books I came up with. Over the past decade there are been a lot of our beloved books made […]