Review: Nobody’s Home by Dev Bentham

Nobody's Home Dev Bentham

Nick receives a call from a police officer telling him his father is dead and he needs to come home and deal with the house and his father’s dog.  Having left with his mother when it became clear his father was mentally ill and was not going to get the help he needed, Nick hasn’t […]

Review: Sacred Hearts by Dev Bentham

Sacred Hearts (Tarnished Souls #3) by Dev Bentham

I like the Tarnished Soul series because it features unconventional heroes. There’s always something different to look forward to because Dev Bentham writes heroes who are real people, who are a little screwed up, who make mistakes and hopefully make amends. In Sacred Hearts we have a hero who is a  recovering alcoholic and in […]

Dev Bentham Talks Holiday Romances – Oy (Giveaway)

Sacred Hearts Dev Bentham

Holiday Romances. Oy. This past year I’ve been writing a series of stories with Jewish holiday themes. In fact, to my knowledge, I am the author of the only m/m Passover and Rosh Hashanah holiday erotic romance novels. Nothing says Passover like reading a sensuous novel while you munch that tasty matzo, eh? The series […]

Review: Fields of Gold by Dev Bentham

Fields of Gold Dev Bentham

This is the fourth book I’ve read by Dev Bentham. I’ve enjoyed each book so far because of the author’s unique voice.  With the last two books I read, I felt the romance was lacking but I enjoyed the stories. This time, in Fields of Gold, I really enjoyed the romance but I had a […]

Review: August Ice by Dev Bentham

August Ice Dev Bentham

Max Conway is an ex-Navy Seal who works half the year as lead safety diver at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Gay, and living in very close quarters with heterosexual men, Max feels he must hide his sexual orientation when he is working among his fellow divers in Antarctica. Like many of the divers at the […]