Review: A Perfect Trifecta by Delilah Devlin

A Perfect Trifecta (Delta Heat #3) by Delilah Devlin

I’ve read a few books/novellas by Delilah Devlin and have enjoyed them because let’s face it….she writes some super dirty romance. And she’s good at writing it too. Super dirty and enjoyable to read erotic romance. But certain aspects of this book just didn’t work for me. A Perfect Trifecta is the third novella in […]

Review: Laying Down the Law by Delilah Devlin

Laying Down the Law by Delilah Devlin

I’m going to judge this book solely for what it is – 100 pages of a dirty good time between two people who were once in love when they were teenagers. It’s 100 pages, does it need to be complicated? Does it need some big twisty-turny plot? Of course not. So I’m throwing all my […]

Review: Enslaved by a Viking by Delilah Devlin

Enslaved by a Viking

Enslaved by a Viking is one of those books that you do not read in public. If you do, you are doomed to sit there with a flaming red face and giggle every 3 minutes or so. It is an erotic fantasy book that makes no apologies for what it is! This book was my […]