Review: Immortal Craving by Kendra Leigh Castle

Immortal Cravings Kendra Leigh Castle

Tasmin is the last of his kind. The Rakshasa were once wild, beautiful, lion shape-shifting vampires feared by their rivals across the world. Their unique powers have made them both a powerhouse and a threat to people who want that power for themselves. Tasmin wakes alone, deep in a cave and realizes he has been asleep for hundreds […]

Review: Dark Awakening by Kendra Leigh Castle

Dark Awakening

I was hesitant to start this book because I was nervous the vampire/shifter hero would end up being a caricature. Too powerful, too unique, too everything. What I didn’t realize from reading the back cover was that Tynan’s shapeshifting abilities were not unique and that it actually made him looked down upon in the vampire […]