Review: Into the Shadows by Carolyn Crane

Into the Shadows by Carolyn Crane The Associates series #3

Into The Shadows is book three in Carolyn Crane’s The Associates series.  Into the Shadows is also the continuation of my love affair with Ms. Crane and pretty much everything she writes.  As far as I am concerned someone needs to chain her to a chair and only allow writing to happen.  Dramatic? Maybe.  But that is how […]

Jen’s Monthly Glom- January 2014

My reading habits are notoriously random.  One week I will decide to read only Urban Fantasy and the next week I will shun that genre.  There will be times where every book I read stinks and times where I love everything and everyone.  One thing that also holds true is my love of the glom.  […]

Review: Off the Edge by Carolyn Crane

Off the Edge Carolyn Crane The Associates series book 2

Laney lives a quiet, protected life.  Young and naïve, she married an evil man who did his best to hurt and isolate her.  With the help of a friend she was able to turn him over to the FBI and hide.  She doesn’t kid herself into thinking she has escaped him because her ex’s reach […]

What To Read Wednesday: Against The Dark by Carolyn Crane

Against the Dark Carolyn Crane

Each Wednesday one of the Fiction Vixen reviewers will tell you about a book they’ve recently read that they think you need to read too. This week, Sophia recommends: Against The Dark by Carolyn Crane Against the Dark is the first book in Carolyn Crane’s new romantic suspense series called The Associates. The heroine is […]

A Very Craney Christmas from Carolyn Crane (With Pics!) + Giveaway


Fiction Vixen is pleased to welcome author Carolyn Crane today.  Happy Holidays, everybody!! I hope you’re enjoying yourselves and not too stressed out. And Fiction Vixen gang, thanks SO much for having me over today!! As you see, I’m breaking out the eggnog and there are plenty exclamation points to go around!! Ho ho ho!!! […]

Fiction Vixen Reviewer Recs: March 2012

Reviewer Romance Novel Recommendations

Here are the Fiction Vixen reviewer romance book recommendations for March 2012.   Samantha: Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward – Without a doubt my number 1 book of the month. Hand jobs, cabin sex, table sex, emotional scenes that had me in crying fits, Xcor is totally hot, and Tohr knows how to please a woman […]

Review: Devil’s Luck by Carolyn Crane

Devil's Luck - Carolyn Crane

Devil’s Luck is a stand alone novella set in Carolyn Crane’s Disillusionists world. If you have not the read the series, you might wonder what the Disillusionists are, and about their history, but since this story focuses mainly on the romance between Fawna and Simon you won’t be lost. This might be just enough to tease […]

Sophia’s November 2011 Reading Roundup

Here was my month in books: Currently reading: Devil’s Kiss (The Hellraisers, #1) Zoe Archer  Amazon || B&N Sam’s Creed by Sarah McCarty C Loved Sam, didn’t love the heroine son much. Middle of the road. Amazon || B&N Tucker’s Claim by Sarah McCarty D This as all kinds of silly. Heroine was Quaker, hero […]