Quick Shop Bargains For The Weekend

Bite Me, Your Grace (Scandals with Bite Book 1)  by Brooklyn Ann

Time to load up your e-reader with a few bargains! Enjoy your weekend! Knockout by Tracey Ward 0.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Love Scars: Bad Boy’s Bride  by Nicole Snow 0.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Devlin UnLeashed  by Bethany Bazile 0.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Bite Me, Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann 0.99 AMZ B&N KOBO The Sport of […]

Book Bargains For Your Weekend

by Lorelei James

Happy Friday!! I hope you all are looking forward to the weekend and you’ll have plenty of time to relax and read. Here are a few bargains to enable your lazy weekend. Or your sneak reading. Whatever it is you have to do to get your read on. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells by […]

Amy’s Friday Five: Romance Freebies – 01/30/2015

End of the Trail by Jane Elliot

Happy Friday!  A Prizefighter, a blind French musician, Cowboys and more! Love Me Later by Libby Rice 0.00 AMZ B&N Falling for Emma by Alix Nichols 0.00 AMZ B&N Soulfire by Juliette Cross 0.00 AMZ B&N End of the Trail by Jane Elliot 0.00 AMZ B&N More Than Pancakes by Christine DePetrillo 0.00 AMZ B&N […]

Weekend Quick Shop Bargains From J.T. Geissinger and More

Full Circle  by Mona Ingram

Happy Friday Y’all. I’m ready for this week to be over! I’m currently reading Burned by Karen Marie Moning. I’m conflicted about it. All over the place. But…it’s the Fever series which I have big love for so I’m still all up in that book, conflicted or not. I’m not sure what I’ll read next. […]

Hump Day Deals!

Angelbound  by Christina Bauer

  Beneath Our Faults by Charity Ferrell 0.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Angelbound  by Christina Bauer 0.83 AMZ B&N KOBO Twist of Fate by Ella Fox 2.99 AMZ B&N KOBO The Education of Sebastian by Jane Harvey-Berrick 2.51 AMZ B&N KOBO Take Me for Granted  by K.A. Linde 0.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Songbird by Lisa Edward […]

Quick Shop Bargains From Cari Quinn, Courtney Milan and More!

Fallen SEAL Legacy by Sharon Hamilton

Ready to shop? Go!!! No Flowers Required by Cari Quinn 0.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Promise Me by Cora Brent 0.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Unclaimed by Courtney Milan 2.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Rock Chick Revenge  by Kristen Ashley 1.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Night Demon by Lisa Kessler 2.99 AMZ B&N KOBO Moonlight by Lisa Kessler 2.99 […]