Review: A Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai **GIVEAWAY**

A Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai

Akira Mori was partial to a certain kind of man: the kind you fucked raw and dirty until your voice was hoarse and your skin slick with sweat. Talk about an attention grabber.  That is the first line of A Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai.  The story is about billionaire business woman and all […]

Review: Bet on Me by Alisha Rai + Giveaway

Bet on Me by Alisha Rai Bedroom Games series #3

Bet on Me is the third and final part to Alisha Rai’s Bedroom Games trilogy.  In part one, Play With Me, Wyatt and Tatiana found each other after a 10 year separation and decided to give their relationship another try.  In part two, Risk & Reward, the couple is maintaining a long distance relationship and […]

Review: Risk and Reward by Alisha Rai + Giveaway

Risk & Reward (Bedroom Games #2) by Alisha Rai

When we first met these childhood sweethearts in Play With Me Tatiana had struck an erotic deal with Wyatt in order to keep him from putting her brother in jail. That deal led to the two rediscovering each other and reconnecting not only sexually, but emotionally. Now it’s seven months later and while their sex […]

Review: Play With Me by Alisha Rai

Play With Me Alisha Rai

Wyatt and Tatiana were high school sweethearts, of a sort.  They spent many years together exploring their kinky sexual preferences until life forced them apart.  Now Tatiana is back to beg a favor of Wyatt.  Her brother has been caught stealing from Wyatt and Tatiana is there to ask Wyatt to not press charges against her […]

What-To-Read Wednesday: Play With Me by Alisha Rai + Giveaway

Play With Me (Bedroom Games #1) by Alisha Rai

What To Read Wednesday is a weekly feature at Fiction Vixen. Each Wednesday one of the Fiction Vixen reviewers will post about a book they’ve recently read that they think you need to read too. This week, Sophia recommends: Play With Me by Alisha Rai The heroine is desperate to keep her brother out of […]