Review: The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

The Redhead Plays Her Hand Alice Clayton, The Redhead series

It has been a long wait for book three of the Redhead series, especially considering where readers were left in The Redhead Revealed. In my review for The Redhead Revealed I said, “I mentioned about that I did not care for May/Dec relationships where the man was the younger party.  But something that really surprised me […]

Alice Clayton News – New Series Coming! + Giveaway

The Redhead Series by Alice Clayton

We loved the Redhead series and Wallbanger by Alice Clayton. So we are excited to tell you that Alice Clayton has a book deal for three full-length books for her new Cocktail series. The first book in the series, entitled Rusty Nailed is the sequel to Wallbanger and is due for release in June of […]

Feature and Giveaway: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

First time in print, Wallbanger by Alice Clayton Wallbanger goes on-sale August 13th GoodReads || Amazon || Barnes & Noble || Book Depository || ARe The first night after Caroline moves into her fantastic new San Francisco apartment, she realizes she’s gaining an—um—intimate knowledge of her new neighbor’s nocturnal adventures. Thanks to paper-thin walls and the guy’s […]

Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Meet Simon and Caroline aka Flaily and Mr. Snorey Pants aka The Feeder and The Tall One aka Wallbanger and Pink Nightie Girl.  Simon and Caroline are next door neighbors.  Unfortunately for Caroline her bed happens to be up against the same wall as Simon’s headboard.  Every night around 1-3am, for several nights in a […]