Sons of Anarchy Erotic Fiction? Gimme!!


I like to look at the search terms that lead people to Fiction Vixen. Most search terms make sense, a few make me laugh and occasionally one will make my eyes bulge out and slam the laptop lid shut. Here are a couple of search terms from yesterday:

“lesbian horse riding stories”

One might wonder why Google would point a hapless internet searcher in search of lesbian horses to Fiction Vixen. I’m pretty sure we’ve never reviewed a lesbian horse riding story. Not that we have anything against lesbian horses of course. Lesbian horses are ok with us. :) But if you’re interested in “lesbian horse riding stories“, we’ll fix you up.

“funny phallic pictures”

I swear, we have no funny phallic pictures here. Okay, maybe we do. But they’re mine, you can’t have them.

“i dont understand the end of fifty shades freed”

This is one of the most common search terms that lead people to Fiction Vixen. I didn’t read this book. Why don’t people understand it? What’s so confusing?


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Recently, this search term caught my eye:

“sons of anarchy erotic fiction”

WHAT? When I saw this, I frantically searched Fiction Vixen for SOA erotic fiction and found nothing. NOTHING!! This will not do!! I want “sons of anarchy erotic fiction” and I want it now!!

Here’s where you come in

I need some biker romance! The only book I’ve read (that I can think of) where the hero is a biker is Dream Man by Kristen Ashley. I enjoyed Kane “Tack” Allen…err I mean I enjoyed reading this book. I might have cringed a time or two but that happens with most of the Kristen Ashley books I read…still, I read on.

Hell On Wheels Julie Ann Walker

The first book cover that comes to mind is this one. Amy will be reviewing this book soon here at Fiction Vixen. I can’t wait! :)

Have you read any biker romances? Tell me your favorites. They don’t have to be erotic, just with a biker theme, preferably where at least one of the protagonists are bikers.


UPDATED with reader recommendations:



  1. Shari says

    Have your tried Jaci Burton’s Wild Riders series? It is about bike riders who are undercover agents. I have only read the first book, but have the second in my TBR pile.

    I am reading Cade by Liliana Hart, which he rides a bike, but so far that isn’t the central theme of it.

  2. Lillie says

    Jaci Burton has a 5 book series about bikers. The Wild Riders. Dirty, dirty ex-criminal bikers 😀

  3. says

    Love Burton’s Wild Riders series!

    But real SOA erotic fiction. Can you imagine?? I hope someone answers your 50 Shades question b/c now I really I want to know the answer but am not reading that book!

  4. Sandy Pochapin says

    I hear you on the SOA erotic fiction! Gimme Jax without his clothes on any day! Charlie Hunnan (sp?) is SO hot!

  5. pamelia says

    ARRGGGHHH! Why do Jaci Burton’s ebooks have to cost so much? I so want to read them, but I can’t blow my weekly book budget on one book.
    I am getting so spoiled by Kristen Ashley — cracktastic reads and for cheap.
    I guess I might just wait till KA starts her Chaos MC series with Tabitha and Shy for my next bad-boy biker fix (or re-read Motorcycle Man for the 4th time.)

    • SurendraSkye says

      Madeline Sheehan’s series is the best so far. Reaper’s Property was pretty good, but it didn’t have the down and gritty vibe to it…it was a little fluffy. Undeniable, and the others can not be called fluffy.