Short and Sweet Review: Bad Kitty by Cari Quinn

Quick Rundown:  Last Halloween Nikki Carson got more than she could hope for after meeting up with Patrick Nolan in a dark alcove at her boss’s Halloween party.   A year later, Nikki is prepared to meet Patrick for round two sporting a dominatrix kitty costume for the annual Halloween party. She is determined to find out why he never contacted her and to make an impression on Patrick that lasts beyond a one-night-stand.

First Impression:  Upon my first look at the gorgeous cover I knew Cari Quinn was going to bring the naughty to this Halloween novella, so I grabbed the bowl of candy corn, lit the jack-o-lantern and settled in for a quick holiday treat.

The Hero:  Construction worker, Patrick Nolan not only likes to get dirty on the job but also enjoys working up a sweat in the bedroom.  With his piercing eyes and buttery voice, Patrick propositions Nikki to take their party to a more private place in the house.  The question is, does Nikki know it’s Patrick, or does she think it is his twin (her boss) when they meet for a quick tryst.

The Heroine:  Nikki Carson is the assistant to Easton Nolan, Patrick’s twin brother.  She knows it is not wise to hook up, sexually, with her boss, however his twin brother is a different matter.

What worked:  With all of the books I have read by Ms. Quinn, she always delivers passionate chemistry with her characters and tangible atmospheres to draw the reader in and witness the story unfold.

What didn’t work:  Unfortunately the story was too short to really have the character development I crave, however, the bases were covered in the plot and the attraction was evident with the main characters.  The secondary characters provided just enough intrigue to revisit in the future.

Final Conclusion:  Bad Kitty is a sensually scrumptious treat for any Halloween lover that enjoys the naughty over spooky!


Favorite Quote:

“You like caramel apples?”  she managed.  “Never tried them.  But caramel nipples suit me just fine.”

Rating: C+
Bad Kitty by Cari Quinn
October 6th 2011 by The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Erotic Romance
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  1. says

    Well, the cover is gorgeous, and anyone will tell you that covers sway me every time.

    Wish you had gotten the character development you wanted, but hopefully more will come if the story continues.

    • says

      I agree. I had a major *gasp* when the cover was revealed. Beautiful!

      I do believe Cari is writing future novellas with the secondary characters so hopefully she will revisit Patrick and Nikki. One thing they were not lacking is sexual chemistry! 😉

  2. says

    Just finished this – was a good, hot, quick read. I agree, wish it had been longer with more character development. Glad to know she’s writing more with the supporting characters. It would be nice to see what happened with East and Jules. :)