Stephanie and Athena From Paranormal Haven Shop For The Black Dagger Brotherhood Brothers (Giveaway)


Fiction Vixen is pleased to welcome Stephanie and Athena from Paranormal Haven today.



So, Stephanie and I decided this year we would join the Black Dagger Brotherhood at their compound for Christmas.  After a lot of shopping we got everyone a little something.  Here’s what they’ll be unwrapping.

Wrath:  A new pair of wraparounds, Louis Vuitton Evasion. (Only the best for the king)

Rhage: (He was easy) A big bag of Blow Pop lollipops and a new pair of Chipko Flip flops. These flip flops are hand painted by a renowned Los Angeles contemporary artist David Palmer who said, “The work is inspired by nature, and language, and the invisible connections between things, I create images that reflect my fascination with an increasingly complex world.”  (They’re expensive but we think Hollywood is worth it)

Butch: Royal Salute, the luxury Scotch whiskey.

Vishous: (He was the hardest to buy for) A collector set of Tupac’s greatest hits.  (We would have bought him the 2013 Escalade but we kinda blew the rest of our budget on Rhage’s flip flops.  He won’t mind, right?)

Zsadist: New set of Sigs (Could you imagine his reaction if we got him a new bathrobe or flannel PJs?)

Phury: A new Gucci suit

Tohrment: A donation to the women’s shelter in Wellsie’s name.

Lassiter: Beaches collector edition (DVD/Blu-ray combo pack of course)

John Mathew:  A new iPhone 5

Qhuinn: A Gameboy 3DS (for those days when JM is otherwise busy but he still needs to be there to protect him) 

Blay: A new Armani pinstripe suit (to wear for Saxton…or someone else…)

Manny: A gold and platinum stethoscope

Rehvenge: A new cane with a beautiful dagger attached to the handle hidden within the cane. (Sorry Rehv, no fur coats from us)

Nalla: Cruise and groove ballapalooza

Bob: New collar, bowl, and a doggy Santa hat. (All top of the line of course.  As if Wrath would settle for less)

Fritz: A new Kirby vacuum cleaner. (We figured he might see a Roomba robot vacuum as an insult)

All Shellans: A beautiful platinum chain with a solid platinum dagger pendent hung from it.  Each dagger has their mates’ birthstone encrusted into the hilt and their names engraved into the blade. For Bella we’d included Nalla’s birthstone and name on dagger.

Xhex’s: Pair of daggers. (As if she’d wear a necklace)

Each chosen: A luxurious spa package for each to enjoy.


It wound up being a fabulous Christmas and mine and Steph’s best present was watching all the boys open and get as excited a five year old with their presents.

Now we are off to spend New Year’s with a few Seminus demons and a couple Horsemen. Should be interesting.

Stephanie and Athena—Paranormal Haven

Stephanie and Athena would like to give away winner’s choice of one Black Dagger Brotherhood book from the Book Depository. Hardcover or paperback but no pre-orders. To enter leave a comment and use the Promo Simple widget below.

Everyone who comments and uses the Promo Simple widget below between Dec. 17 – Jan. 1 on blogcation posts will be entered to win a $50 gift card to the online book retailer of their choice. Come back every day! Open to all.


  1. Catherine says

    PS…I didn’t get the Promosimple widget today, although I’ve seen it other days. Although, it could be me. I’m having funky computer issues this morning.

  2. michelle says

    Those gifts were absoltely perfect for the brotherhood. Must say i would have loved to spend christmas with those boys

  3. Rebe says

    So much fun! I’d get the latest BDB book (Lover Reborn, right?), because I still haven’t had a chance to read it.

  4. Krista says

    Very cute! I’ve only read the first book so far and I liked it.
    I would really like to read Zsadist’s story. I seem to read the most hype about him.

  5. jess biggers says

    wow soo cool… wish i could by one of those necklaces for myself! thanks for the chance to win

  6. Selena Mc says

    I’m so obsessed with this series! The brothers are my heart ♥ I actually don’t own the paperbacks, just the kindle version. They would look lovely on my shelf though :)

  7. Sherry S. says

    This is one of my favorite series. I’m always waiting for the next one in the series.

  8. June M. says

    I have really got to get to this series this year. I do have the first couple of books but have not read them yet….MUST get on this :)