Selena Mc Shares Pics and Q and A With Karen Marie Moning From The ICED Released Party in NOLA

Fiction Vixen is pleased to welcome our friend Selena Mc today. She was lucky enough to attend the ICED release party in Nola and she is here today to tell us all about it. Take it away Selena!


Hi everyone!! *waves* First of all, I would like to thank you all for letting me blog about this amazing event that I can’t stop talking about!! I can’t wait to share my stories with you all and I encourage you to go to a Karen Marie Moning event in the future. To say I had a blast in New Orleans with the Moning Maniacs would be an understatement! For those of you who don’t know who the maniacs are, that is what we Mega-Moning-Fans call ourselves. One can be a fan of Karen and not be a Maniac. Those of us who call ourselves Maniacs, are…well, a little Maniacal ; ) Fan-girls to the extreme…we eat, sleep & dream Karen’s characters. We are a fun, energetic, friendly group of KMM fans who get together on a private FB group to talk Moning. We also have get togethers. As of last week, I had never been to a “Maniac Meet-Up”, but I am no longer a Maniac virgin :) Why, oh Why did I not do this sooner?! It was fantastic!!! To have my first Maniac Meet-Up take place in the beautiful city of New Orleans was the icing on a very pink cake!! NOLA has a lot to offer a group of new friends. There was ALWAYS something going on.

 Pic 1 (Mobile) 

Beautiful Architectue. Delicious Food.


Fascinating History.  Exciting Night Life.

The trip started out on a Friday. We arrived at the beautiful Le Pavillon Hotel to check in, that place is fecking amazing!!! We dropped our stuff off, took a look around & started getting for the evening. We had a private Maniac ghost tour that night with our super cool Tour Guide Jonathan. This was followed by an unofficial Maniac Meet & Greet at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop for Hurricanes. Yum!! There, I met a lot of the Maniacs that I talk to every day online. It’s so cool to put a face with a name. There was a lot of “Hi, I’m Selena…Hi, I’m ____ & I talk to you all the time.” Then we would scream & hug. Lol!! It was like a big reunion. Everyone was so nice!!! We all hung out & chatted til the wee hours of the morning.


The Exquisite Le Pavillion Hotel.  Look at those beautiful Chandeliers.


Our Ghost Tour group shot. Hurricanes with our Tour Guide Jonathan at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop.

Saturday morning brought a fantastic private cemetery tour that I was able to put together with the concierge at Le Pav. Our tour guide, Kelley, was absolutely amazing! Seriously, if you ever want to tour NOLA, I’ll get you her number. She just loves her city & made me love it too!! Not to mention, she gave us a 3 hour tour all about NOLA history for only $20.00. Very cool!! Thanks Kelley :)


May Baily’s Place. Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau’s Gravesite


Jackson Square, art & live music. Beautiful Armstrong Park dedicated to NOLA’s rich jazz history.

After the tour, we had lunch at Johnny’s Po ’ Boys in the French Market. We did a little shopping after lunch. So much cool stuff to see!! This shirt made me giggle…


Stunning Masks in a window display. I saw this Croc shirt. I thought it was so funny :)

Funeral Wagon Display case.

Saturday Evening was Corset Night for the Maniacs. Months ago, we all decided to go a little out of our comfort zone & buy corsets to wear on Bourbon Street. First, we went to an incredible house party thrown by Dominique, one of the local Maniacs that lives in New Orleans . There was a live band & homemade Gumbo!! We were all very surprised when Karen Moning stopped by!! Cue fangirl *Squee* in 3, 2, 1… I seriously freaked when she walked in. I just kept saying “Ohmigod, Ohmigod, Ohmigod” as she walked right by me. Then, like the giant dork I am, I followed her around until she took a picture with me. I was all hot & sweaty & a little teary, but I didn’t care. She’s my Elvis…MY rockstar!! Phil & Eric showed up as well. Those two guys are a trip! For those of you who don’t know who they are, Phil is the gentleman with the EARgasmic voice who plays the Highlanders & Fever characters in Karen’s audio books. He did a little Daegus in my ear…Be jealous 😉 And Eric is the gentleman who inspired Karens version of Barrons from a role he played in the show “Witchblade” many years ago. They goofed off a little & we all had a lot of fun.


A group of us Maniacs at the Linkin Fever Party. Phil & Eric frisking, then arresting a priest.


Me & Karen 😀 I’m freaking out in picture. Isn’t she gorgeous? Some Maniacs showing off  in our Corsets.

We all met up afterwards at the Old Opera House Bar lookin’ fab in our corsets on Bourbon Street . We sang, danced & basically took over that bar. We talked about how gorgeous Karen is. We had a great night!!

Sunday Morning was the KMM Scavenger Hunt. We met at Jacksons Square our Corsets & split into groups. The contest was to find everything on the list we were given, take pictures of it or answer the questions. Everything was FEVER related. No one on my team was familiar with the French Quarter so we were at a disadvantage, but we sure did have fun!! One of the things we needed to find was Phil & Eric. We never did find them during the hunt, but we found them at the hotel. Better late than never! Lol!


Team 10 handing out books to random people in NOLA. I loved my team!!  This is my “We came in zero place so we didn’t win” picture with Phil & Eric.

 Sunday after noon I rested up a bit & started getting ready for the ICED Bash. It took a long time to do my face bling 😉 We all met in the Lobby to ride over to Generations Hall AKA Chester ’s!! Everyone looked fantastic! The costumes were absolutely incredible!! So many people obviously had been working on their costumes for months & months. There were 4 categories for the costume contest: 1) Mac 2) Unseelie 3) Seelie.& 4) Most Creative. The winners were picked by Karen, Eric & Phil. Then there was a little scene from the book acted out to celebrate JZB’s birthday. Complete with pink cake smashed on the floor 😉 So much fun!!


A group of Maniacs waiting for a ride tothe ICED Bash. Karen, Phil & Eric judging the costume contest.


A group of Maniacs dressed as Seelie. The costume contest winners with Karen. Left to right: Royal Hunter, Seelie Queen, Karen, The Fear Dorcha, & Pregnant Mac (with JZB on belly).

Famous Cake scene with Eric :)

Random House did an incredible job with the decorations!! The entire place was ICED!! We had ICED food & Tarot Card readers. It was by far, the coolest party ever!


Me next to the ICED ice sculpture.  The awesome food layout.


Shots with Phil &  the Maniacs.  Me & Karen. I didn’t tear up this time.

 Me with the contest winner who dressed as a Hunter. Isn’t her costume incredible?! She wore stilts.


Monday morning we had a little fun-time with Phil & Eric. An audience member got to act out a scene from the book with Eric while Phil voiced it. It was great :) A lotta laughs before the book signing at 4:00.


Phil & Eric goofing off & making us laugh. Eric & a Maniac Volunteer acting out a scene from the book. Phil doing his thing & voicing the scene :) EARgasm!!!


So we all waited in line ( as patiently as possible) for our ICED copies & to get Karen to sign them. Can I just say, I had met Karen 2 times already & I still got a little teary eyed when it was my turn. She has brought so much happiness into my life with her genius, it was a little overwhelming. She was very sweet & said she loved my nails ( they said ICED & FEVER)!!! *squee* She signed my entire back list. I also had Eric & Phil sign my ICED copy. Then off I went to read…happily :)


My friends & I waiting in line for Karen to sign our books.  Me & Karen.  I was actually composed enough this time to actually talk to her for a few minutes 😉 Lol.

Phil beading me 😛 These two  guys were such a trip.

 Tuesday, my last day with Karen, I woke up early to get a great seat for the Book Talk. Right in the front. HELL YEAH!! No pics were allowed, but I did ask her if I could take a picture of her boots for this blog post :) She smiled & said “Yes, Don’t forget the tassel”. One thing you all need to know about Karen Moning is that she has EPIC taste in shoes!! Every time I saw her, I had shoe envy 😉


Karen’s shoes were so cute!! Love them!!


Now, what you all have been waiting for…the Q & A!! A special shout out to my friend Capri Bolton for lending me her notes on the talk. I was all prepared to record it, but wasn’t allowed, so I was unprepared. :-/ Thank you Capri!! You rock!!

Karen did this very funny thing where, if you would ask a question that she didn’t want to answer, she would say “Great Question….Next”, and smile & we would all laugh. There may be some spoilers below. You have been warned :)


* There will be 10 books in the Fever Series. There may be more later, it all depends if the “characters talk to her”. And we will get a lot of Mac & JZB in final two books!!!!!

The first 5 books are all Macs POV.

~ Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever & Shadowfever

The next 3 all Dani’s POV

~Iced, Burned, & Flayed (No release date for Burned & Flayed yet. She is working on Burned)

The final 2 will go back to Mac’s POV

(Titles TBA)

* Karen loves the idea of transformation & change. She uses it in a lot of her stories. Mac grew up with love & needed to find strength. Dani was the opposite. She grew up with strength, but needs to find love.

* When Mac grieved, Karen wanted her to grieve & move on. Not ” to pull a Twilight & have endless grieving”

* My question: Will we ever get Barrons POV again? KM: ” He is the hardest POV to write so probably not, but never say never. It depends if he talks to me.”

* She wouldn’t answer “Why does Barrons hate the Fae so much?” She said it WILL be explained in further stories

* She confirmed that the V’lane/King/Concubine storyline is not done. We will learn more.

* We may never meet all of the 9, but we will learn more about a few! *Squeee*

* She already knows what will be in the next 5 books, every thing will be explained. *Squee*

* Some of the main characters will die in the next 5 books

* She will know when its time for her to quit writing about the FEVER world, but there is alot more story to tell :)

* She may write more about the Keltars, but it depends on if “they speak to her in her head”.

* She is inspired by her fans emails, posts & interactions. They keep her going :)

* She wants her books to be turned into a TV series, not a movie. She has heard nothing about it yet.

* She was asked if Barrons had anything on “his Bucket List”? Her answer was a giggle & “Hopefully Me!”

* Someone asked ” If there was a sex Olympics, which Fever character would win?” Without hesitation, she answered “Barrons!!!”


* Every chapter in ICED is a song title except one, “Can you guess which one?”

* Dani is the easiest & most fun character to write about.

* She never had a problem writing about Dani’s age. “If we didn’t watch her grow, we would be missing out on what makes Dani the woman she becomes. If she started Dani at 17, we would miss some of the first moments of sexual awakening & her character development. We get to watch her grow & be shaped.”

* (On her “Haters” about Dani’s Age) ” If Dani can be an assassin at 14, why cant she have sex?!?!” She doesn’t understand why some of her readers ” have a problem with Dani’s choices with the types of shows on TV these days. Like they don’t have a show on TV called 14 & pregnant!” She repeated, “If she can be an assassin, she can have sex.”

* Karen loves the idea of transformation & change. She uses it in a lot of her stories.

* Christian has a “transformation”. “There is no point in going bad, unless its all the way bad, not a little”

* Dani’s Father is irrelevant. She confirmed that it is NOT Ryoden.

* Kat is a major player in the next books and she finds her Soulmate. Kat & her Soulmate storyline will “counterpoint to Dani’s story”.

* Someone asked if we would learn more about the Sidhe Seers background in the next books. Karen said “Great Question…Next”. :)

* My Question: Will we learn more about whats going on in Level 4?!?! Please!!!” She smiled & said “We may.” (That’s all I could get outta her, Sorry. I tried)

I raised my hand & told her I didn’t have a question, but I just wanted to say “Thank you & this was amazing & you are a Rockstar & you have kick-ass shoes!” She smiled, said thank you & told me ” Wow, thank you! I hope you come to everyone of these things cause that’s awesome”. That one little comment made my whole year and then some! That was the end of the Q&A.

After that a lot of people went home. A few of us hung out a few days longer & made some Maniac memories & lifetime friendships. It was the coolest week ever! I HIGHLY recommend visiting NOLA for Halloween. It was wild & crazy! The people watching was pretty great too. Oh the things I have seen…Lol 😉

Well, that’s about it! I really hope you all get to come to a Maniac Meet-Up sometime in the future & enjoy the great camaraderie!! Thank you again for letting me share my trip with you :)


Selena Mc


  1. says

    OMG. Pardon me while I hyperventalate here. That was an amazing post.

    Some of the main characters will die in the next 5 books

    — WAAA?? It better be like Dancer or someone I don’t like. At least it won’t be one of the nine. Or I guess it could be but they come back.

    Dani’s Father is irrelevant. She confirmed that it is NOT Ryoden.

    Dude, if you were near me right now I would kiss you. This is the best answer EVER.

    Christian has a “transformation”. “There is no point in going bad, unless its all the way bad, not a little”

    Uh-oh. That doesn’t sound good.

    Anything about Jo, that traitorous ho?

    • Angela says

      I like Dancer.. I don’t want him to die. I just don’t want him to be Dani’s HEA.

      Maybe Jo the Ho dies….. because she is puny and has no super powers.

      • says

        True. I was just thinking that one of them has to go, right? How can we end Dani’s books with all three of them still around but only one as the love interest.

        And here I go again….

  2. Selena Mc says

    LMAO! You two are cracking me up :) I totally thought Ryo was Dani’s dad. I am so glad he’s not!! There was like a collective sigh when she said he wasn’t Dani’s dad. I Can. Not. Wait. to hear more about level four!!!! Rawr ♥

  3. Selena Mc says

    Nothing about Jo the Ho 😉 But I did meet the real-life Jo that the character is based on. She’s super awesome & not a Ho at all, lol.

  4. Angela says

    And what is this about Kat “finding” her soulmate? I thought she had already found her Sean? Who could be this soulmate whom she finds?

    • Selena Mc says

      You’re very welcome! Thank you for letting me share : D Phil & Eric were so much fun!! They came to all the official ICED events & even partied with us on Bourbon street. And let me tell you, Phil doing Daegus in my ear was worth the cost of the plane ticket 😉

    • Selena Mc says

      You’re Welcome Mandi :) I’m keeping my fingers crossed that its Jo the Ho or maybe Inspector Jayne….

    • Selena Mc says

      You’re very Welcome! I loved being able to ask her questions. I really could have sat there all day picking her brain, but it was only an hour long 😉

    • Selena Mc says

      It really was Shannon! You should try to come to an event with the Maniacs! We know how to party 😉

  5. says

    there could be spoilers in my comments at the end

    People don’t have a problem with Dani having sex at 14, the problem is her having sex with a GROWN man at 14. If we were talking a young teenage boy, well that would be pretty normal in today’s society. The other guys… should know better and waiting till she is 17 still doesn’t sit right. Someone is going to get Lor (sigh). Wouldn’t it be cool is Kat did hook up with Cruce, cause don’t they say an Unseelie prince/king must find their soul mate so they don’t go crazy? And what about this “woman” inside of Dani. I think she is destined to become the next Fae Queen and Ryodan has plans on being her King…

    • Selena Mc says

      Hmmm. All good points. I have complete faith that Karen will write it tastefully. She is a literary genius after all & has never disappointed me in the past. As long as Ryo doesn’t end up with Jo the Ho, I’m a happy girl :)