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Samantha’s Best of 2012

Looking over my trusty spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet) of all the books I read in 2012 and I realize it was a very slow reading year for me. I’m not sure what happened! I do know that it seems like after years of being a non-reader, I’ve caught up and am finally up to date on so many series. So maybe that’s it? I don’t have 5 unread books in a series waiting around for me to devour. And some series I’ve had to finally part ways with. I’m looking at you Lords of the Underworld!

But as I look over my list I’m excited to look back upon my favorites especially since some were authors that I’ve never read before. And any year with two Ty and Zane books is a damn fine year if you ask me. 2012 will also go down as the year I started reading Aleksandr Voinov. Hello Special Forces! I’m still working through your 3,000 pages – I can’t quit you…or Vadim!

So here it goes…in no particular order. Also I would like to throw down the gauntlet right this minute, look one year into the future, and say if Lover At Last (Qhuinn and Blay!) is not my #1 in 2013, I may be devastated. Please tell me I’m not alone in this?


Armed and Dangerous by Abigail Roux ** [AMZBNSK]
Book #5 in the Cut and Run series…aka “Ty and Zane are like crack”. You can admit it – you were a little nervous about this book as it was the first one with just one author’s name on it. But Abigail Roux knocked this out of the park. I think this is one of the best books she’s ever written. Everything felt so much more seamless with her writing our beloved Ty and Zane. Then to throw Julian and Cameron into the mix was a genius move. But the best thing about this book? The LOVE! The love between Ty and Zane was right there on the pages. It wasn’t ignored by the two of them. They were honest with each other. We’d been waiting so long!

Favorite Quote:

“Loving you is going to make me fucking insane! I said no, and I mean it!”

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley ** [AMZBNSK]
335 pages of ridiculous deliciousness. I can think of no other way to sum up this book. I loved every page. I loved every time Tack uttered the word babe. I’ve seen others mention stuff about the editing of this series, but frankly I didn’t even notice. If you want to spend a few hours escaping with a domineering, super sexy man, Motorcycle Man for the win!

Damaged Goods by Laura Gallagher ** [AMZBNSK]
It’s been several months and I still think about this book sometimes. That’s the sign of a book that I really think others should try. A divorced woman. A male escort. Scorching hot sex. Scorching! But also so much emotion. It’s so well written. Laura Gallagher also writes under the name L.A. Witt.

The Bro-Magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted ** [AMZBNSK]
This book is such a little gem! It was funny and one of the things I loved most about it is that it’s told from the hero’s point of view. Johnny is a very lost and clueless guy looking for love and taking advice from his lesbian best friend. And there’s barn opera! And a hilarious scene involving Subway. Read. This. Book.

Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy ** [AMZBNSK]
The first book I’ve ever read by Elle Kennedy and certainly not my last. This book is on my list because it has the best menage scene ever. Seriously. The heroine even says it herself:

“Three words,” she croaked, her entire body throbbing with lingering pleasure. “Best. Ménage. Ever.”

Dark Soul: The Complete Collection by Aleksandr Voinov ** [AMZBNSK]
2012 – the year I first read an Aleksandr Voinov book. And I started with Dark Soul: The Complete Collection. Holy hell. There’s a barrel of a gun and it does despicable things and I couldn’t put this series down. It’s dark yet sentimental. There’s no lack of emotion across a sliding scale of various feelings. I loved the two main male characters. So opposite but in so much need for each other. After reading this I started reading Special Forces. There are no words. I recommend starting with Dark Soul and if you like it then start Special Forces.

About Last Night by Ruthie Knox ** [AMZBNSK]
I loved Ruthie Knox’s first book, Ride With Me, but this book was even better. City, as the heroine refers to the hero in About Last Night, is probably one of my favorite male characters I read this year. I devoured this book. City is so warm and a good guy but also so passionate. And the heroine played the perfect opposite to the “businessman” City. Another book that’s just so well written book where the pages fly by and the chemistry between the hero and heroine sizzles.

Sheltered by Charlotte Stein ** [AMZBNSK]
Another new to me author this year. This contemporary romance packed a lot of punch into just 162 pages. I read this months ago and Evie and Van still cross my mind every now and then. I wonder how things are going with them? LOL – is that silly? But if you read this I’m sure you understand why. Evie was so sheltered, and Van was so ready to pick up the pieces. This is a really beautiful story with two characters that stick with you for a long time.

On Fire (from the anthology Hot in Handcuffs) by Sylvia Day ** [AMZBNSK]
On Fire was a novella in the anthology Hot in Handcuffs. Hands down, it was one of the sexiest stories I read this year. I’m amazed at what Sylvia Day accomplished in so few pages – a great mystery plot, very well developed characters, and off the charts sex. Why can’t all books be like this?

Favorite Quote:

“And what is it we both want, Deputy?”

He didn’t move a muscle for a moment. Then his lips curled on one side in a wickedly carnal smile. His eyes glittered with fierce, hard lust. “You want a sheet-clawing, back-arching, mind-blowing fuck, and I want to pound my cock into you until I’ve come my last drop.”

But For You by Mary Calmes ** [AMZBNSK]
The final A Matter of Time book for the story of Jory Harcourt and Sam Kage. *wipes tear* They’re married. They have kids. Jory drives a mini-van. Sam is still massive-alpha male. I’ve never been able to quit this series (or Sam Kage). If you haven’t either, be sure to read this.

Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
Okay, I have to admit, I’ve never been a big Tohr fan. *ducks and covers* But I ended up loving this book. And I thought J.R. Ward did a fantastic job handling the whole Tohr, Wellsie, No’One situation. It was such an emotional roller coaster ride. John Matthew continues to be a giant hunk of walking sex. And then there’s Qhuinn and Blay. Sweet jesus is it March 2013 yet? I already a vacation day approved. The year we have to wait in between these books is a killer. And what about Lassiter?

Stars and Stripes by Abigail Roux ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
Book 6 in the Cut and Run series, or as previously mentioned…aka “Ty and Zane are like crack.”  Zane’s dad is epic. Chester Grady is a sly dog. Mara Grady loves her boys. And at one point Ty is totally naked except for a cowboy hat and proceeds to ride Zane. I don’t think I ever felt more satisfied with a book in this series than when I finished Stars and Strips. 6 books into this series and I absolutely can’t get enough.

Favorite Quote:

“Don’t matter who you love son,” he said. “As long as you do it well.”


  1. Mandi says

    The only one I haven’t read is Damaged Goods;..I think I have it waiting for me. Must get to it.

    Why are Ty and Zane so awesome? :) Scared for Touch and Geaux. Hold me. Damn Liam Bell.

  2. Teresa Rogers says

    You have turned me on to some amazing books this year especially Abigail Roux and Kristen Ashley! I love Ty and Zane and have read the series twice. As far as Kristin I have read everything she has written and she never disappoints! Also I thoroughly enjoyed The Bro-Magnet – it was very sweet and funny.

    I have read most of the books on your list except the one by Mary Calmes and Aleksander Voinov so just bought the first in Mary’s series and the Dark Soul: Complete Collection. I have quite a few books to read so I better get busy!

    • says

      Oh Ty and Zane can be so addictive can’t they? I always do a reread right before a new book in the series comes out. I hope you like Mary Calmes and Aleksandr Voinov! One my reading goals in 2013 is to read everything available from Kristen Ashley.

  3. says

    Excellent choices! I just read About Last Night last week and it was sooo good. Damaged Goods was on my list too. And Tack. What else can you say?