Roundup: Reviews, Holiday Guests, New Releases, Bargains, Giveaways and a Winner


Week of December 16-22

Last week was the first week of our semi-blogcation. Thanks to the damn Promosimple widget I used for the blogcation giveaway I’ve had to log in and edit posts every single day. I’ll try Rafflecopter next time I guess. Still, it’s ok. I’d miss you guys too much if I were away for too long.

We had some great guests last week with some really fun posts. If you missed anything here is a roundup of who stopped by and what they said. We have a great lineup next week so see you there.


Review: Running Wild by Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones
Review: Breath on Embers by Anne Calhoun
Double Review: The Unidentified Redhead and The Redhead Revealed by Alice Clayton

Holiday Guests, New Releases, Bargains & Giveaways

Dev Bentham Talks Holiday Romances – Oy (Giveaway)
Lou From The Book Pushers: Holidays – This Is How I Roll (Giveaway)
Author Kelly Jamieson Shares Holiday Memories (With Pics!) + Giveaway
Book Pusher E’s Most Unusual Holiday Tradition (Giveaway)
Anne Calhoun Talks Titles (Giveaway)
Katie Reus Talks About The Best Christmas Present Ever (Giveaway)
Weekend Feature: The Highlander’s Lady by Eliza Knight + Giveaway
Jen On: Do you buy holiday presents like you buy books?
More Good Reasons to Spend Money!! Jen’s Eagerly Anticipating List for 2013 (Giveaway)
Mid-Week Book Bargains
Angela: Why I hope the Mayan calendar is wrong! My most anticipated for 2013!
New Book Releases For Week of December 18th

Giveaway Winner

Weekend Spotlight: Payback: The Men Of Firehouse 69 by Lori Toland + Giveaway
Winner: Stacy

Around The Web

One thing I’ve been terribly lax in is backing up my laptop. I’ve tried various methods but in the end I was relying on myself to do a manual backup once a week. FAIL. I have Calibre linked to my Dropbox account so my eBooks are backed up, but Dropbox is not a good solution for full hard drive backup and restoration. I’ve decided no more messing around. I signed up for Crashplan and as I type my hard drive is being uploaded to the cloud and will be automatically backed up every single day. There. I feel better. Jane at Dear Author has posted some good information on different choices for secure cloud storage today.

I keep hearing about how awesome Evernote is. I’ve used it, but it hasn’t changed my life as others have claimed it has done for them. So far all I’m doing is collecting recipes, tagging them etc. This was enormously helpful in planning Christmas dinner this year. But I’ve been on the hunt for tutorials articles on how people are using Evernote. I want Evernote to change my life dammit! Here are a few helpful articles:

Do you use Evernote? How are you using it?


    • says

      So far the initial upload is taking a long time. Maybe after I’ve used it for a while I’ll do a little review here.

      BTW, I’ve used my laptop during the data upload and it hasn’t affected performance whatsoever.