Review: Riding the Night by Jaci Burton

Riding The Night Jaci BurtonEarlier this week I asked Fiction Vixen readers to share their recommendations for romances featuring bikers. Unfortunately we didn’t get many recommendations. I don’t know if that’s because there aren’t many biker themed romances available, or Fiction Vixen readers just aren’t interested in biker romances. Kristen Ashley’s Dream Man series and Colorado Mountain series feature bikers, but that’s the extent of my biker romance reading. One commenter recommended Jaci Burton’s Wild Riders series. I had forgotten that Samantha reviewed Nauti and Wild a couple of years ago here at Fiction Vixen and I had planned to try the Wild Riders series based on her review. Someone mentioned that the 5th book was a ménage and so I decided to fast forward to Riding the Night. (The Kindle version of this book is $12.99 *cringe*)

The Wild Riders are a group of former criminals that have been trained as federal agents who work undercover as bikers. AJ and Pax are partners and close friends. They share a similar history, interests and even share women who are willing. While on vacation they decide to pass through AJ’s hometown where his first and only love still lives, along with her brother who was close friends when AJ.  Soon after arriving in town, AJ and Pax cross paths with Teresa, AJ’s former love and her brother Joey. The sparks fly and the tension is thick, and not just between AJ and Teresa. Pax and Teresa have some chemistry as well.

Things get out of hand quickly at Teresa’s bar when a local rival biker gang show up looking for trouble. A fight erupts and when the dust settles, one man is dead and Teresa’s brother Joey is accused of murder. Teresa can identify the man who committed the murder but because her brother is accused of the crime, she’s not being taken too seriously. Because she saw the killer, Teresa could be in danger and AJ and Pax step up to protect Teresa and help her find the killer in order to clear her brother’s name.

Riding the Night is a fast paced read. I read it in two sittings which is unusual for me because of limited reading time, interruptions etc. But the action, suspense, romance and sexual tension was steady throughout the book and there was never a time when the story lagged tempting me to take a break and slow my reading pace. I wanted to keep going.

I’m a fan of ménage romances however I’m rarely ever fully convinced by the relationship dynamics and the HEA. This story was no exception. We get a very happy ever after but it was hard for me to believe in the total lack of turbulence in such an intense threesome.  AJ and Teresa were in love and their reunion stirs up old feelings. Adding Pax into the mix enhanced their relationship when I think realistically it would have caused some problems that needed to be worked out before the happily ever after. Teresa had some serious issues due to a trauma in her past that needed to work out. Because of the seriousness of Teresa’s issues it felt like the three-way relationship came together too smoothly.

I read this book because I wanted a biker romance. I loved that the story takes us to biker bars with bar fights, we get turf wars and even some time at Sturgis. My knowledge of biker life is limited to what I’ve seen on Sons of Anarchy so I really have no clue what’s realistic or not, but this sexy romance piqued my interest in biker romance and made me want to check out the rest of the Wild Riders series and seek out other romances that feature bikers. So, if you have any recommendations please share.

Favorite Quote:

Take it easy, Teresa. It was just an orgasm, not world peace.

Rating: B
Riding the Night by Jaci Burton
September 7th 2010 by Berkley Heat
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  1. pamelia says

    Heather Killough-Walden has lots of motorcycle riding heroes in her Big Bad Wolf books (werewolves on motorcycles yay!) and they ride motorcycles in her book “The Phantom King” although I don’t know that I’d describe them as biker romances per-se. I’m having a hard time coming up with any recs — maybe this can be the next big thing.

  2. says

    I’ve waited what has felt like years to read Riding on Instinct, the 3rd book in the series, because I I balk at the price for sure. $12.99 for a kindle version? Drives me crazy. I’ve managed to score all the other ones used or got them through Oh how I miss the old goodreads swap feature.

  3. Heather Straub says

    I love these books! This is the only one in the series I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. But I can’t wait to get through it so I can start on her Play-by-Play series. Have you seen those covers? Smokin’.