Fiction Vixen Reviewer Recs: March 2012

Here are the Fiction Vixen reviewer romance book recommendations for March 2012.

Reviewer Recs



Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward – Without a doubt my number 1 book of the month. Hand jobs, cabin sex, table sex, emotional scenes that had me in crying fits, Xcor is totally hot, and Tohr knows how to please a woman in bed. Blay and Qhuinn? I have no words. March 2013? *sobs*

Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane – If you are a fan of this series, stick through the first 100 pages until you get to the good stuff. If you haven’t read this series, you are missing out on Terrible. And nobody should have a life without some Terrible in it.

Sheltered by Charlotte Stein – Van’s a punk who deals pot. Evie is a 19 year old girl with an abusive father sheltered behind the closed doors of her religious house. Such amazing chemistry between these two that the pages flew by. And the sex is ridiculously hot. When I finished this book I really thought about the difference between the words Shelter and Sheltered. Think about that ….

The Rebuilding Year by Kaje Harper – A sweet M/M love story that spends quality time developing each character. Nothing is rushed in this story and the plot is well developed. But what really got me is Ryan, an ex firefighter who was badly burned and is attending medical school. He’s a fighter and a good man and I totally fell for him.

Private Eye (Liaisons #1) by S.E. Culpepper – A self-published book and the first one out by this author meant I just had to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. In this M/M book we’re treated to two sexy heroes and an interesting mystery plot. Rafe is a private detective who’s never been good in a relationship. Jeremy is a police officer who’s never been bowled over by the women he’s dated. I’m sure you know where it goes from there. Their first sexual encounter was hot and sweet….and did I mention hot? Oh yes. I immediately purchased and read book 2 in this series.



I feel like I had a pretty decent March, book wise.  I was able to pick a handful of books that I liked.  These are listed in no particular order.

A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean– I really liked her Love by Numbers series so I was happy when I found this book. Somehow it slipped under my radar and I didn’t know she was starting a new series. It took me a bit to realize Penelope, the heroine, was in the last Love by Numbers book. This was a really good book and an excellent start to a new series.  Review here

Favorite Quote:

“You cannot simply carry me off like….like….a sheep!”
His stride broke for a split second. “A sheep?”
She paused , obviously rethinking the comparison. “Don’t farmers carry sheep over their shoulders?”
“I have never seen such a thing, but you’ve lived in the country longer than I, so…If you say I am treating you like a sheep, so be it.”
“You evidently do not care that I feel as though I have been ill-treated.”
“If it is any comfort, I do not plan to shear you.”

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley– I had to catch up on this series in preparation for Hart.  All of these books are good but this one was really good!  Of course, I didn’t reread Ian and he will always be the best- IMO.  Amy’s review

Favorite Quote:

“I don’t want to be friends with you, Ainsley Douglas. I want to be your lover. I want to bury myself inside you, I want to find out whether you taste as good all the way down, I want to feel you squeezing me, and I want to hear your cries as you take me inside you.”

Innocent in Death by J.D. Robb– The monthly installment of the In Death series.  What is different about this one is that this book was probably my favorite one since Naked In Death.  Boy howdy, did I get emotional.  I was angry at Roarke.  Angry.  Dirty rotten jerk and his look.  The end was perfect and I could have listened to it eight times.

Favorite Quote:

“No. No, I don’t believe you’d betray me with her. I don’t believe you’d cheat on me. But I’m afraid, and I’m sick in my heart that you might look at her, then at me. And regret.”

Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson– I found myself snorting at Jason several times during this book.  He is just such a casual ahole.  It made for some pretty funny reading.  And the way their relationship developed was pretty classic too.  Catherine was spot on in suggesting this book!  Catherine’s review

Favorite Quote:

“It wasn’t like he was purposely being an asshole. It just came naturally to him.”

My final recommendation is just a short, freebie on Ilona Andrew’s website.  I don’t care how stalkerish it sounds but I want to be these two when I grow up.  They have several short stories done from Curran’s point of view and I just eat them up.  This one is the hot tub scene.  Yum.  If that doesn’t catch your attention then you just might be dead and not know it.   Read it here



Thank goodness for Goodreads! March was a crazy month on a personal front and sitting here right now I can hardly remember what I read. Looking at my Goodreads shelves for March, I can see I didn’t read all that much. I haven’t even finished Lover Reborn! I know, I know. *hangs head in shame* I’ll be better next month. I’ll have Catherine COMMAND IT!

I listened to Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I laughed throughout this entire book. I know not everyone will love this type of humor but it really appeals to me. The narrator was superb and listening to this book made me realize how much I miss some of my husband’s “British-isms”. He’s been in the US for a long time now and has lost some of that. I’m going to make him listen to this book dammit! :)

Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors Molly HarperMolly Harper never fails to entertain and make me laugh. This series is one of my favorites and I think I love the secondary characters as much as I love the main characters. There were a few unexpected turn of events in this book and I have to admit I’m a little sad, but anything is possible in this series so I look forward to more!  Read my review here.

Devil’s Luck by Carolyn Crane – I’ve enjoyed this series and the cast of quirky characters. Simon has been a favorite though and I was really excited that Carolyn Crane gave him a novella. I got a little bonus because I ended up loving his heroine, Fawna. Review here.


 Read Catherine’s March recs HERE.


That’s our March recommendations. What did you read in March that you can recommend?


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    OMG Samantha, I have been so busy with personal stuff I haven’t been able to read Lover Reborn. I’m doing it today I swear!!!!!! I’m all anxious just reading your rec!

    • says

      I always read BDB so fast then wish I would have savored the newest book. One day I am going to find some self control.

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    I really want to read the JR Ward book, but I think my mailperson is reading it first :(
    Stacia Kane is on my wishlist.
    Sarah MacLean is also somewhere on my TBR, looking forward to reading it.
    Jennifer Ashely is one of my favourite authors, and this series is soooo good. Looking forward to Hart’s storie. JD Robb = genius, great books.
    Sophie Kinsella is not for me, but Molly Harper is on the wishlist. Carolyn Crane, well, have to give that one a second chance.