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Here are our recommendations for the books we read in March. These are not necessarily all March releases though.

Samantha’s Recommendations

A slow reading month for me. I did read a few books from some of my go to authors, but the books just didn’t do it for me. Am I in a funk or what?

Lover At Last by J.R. Ward ** [AMZBNSK]
Qhuay. Finally. While some portions of Lover at Last left me a little bit disappointed, Qhuay broke furniture during the sexy times. And I fell in love with Layla. Say what? Damn you J.R. Ward.

Angela’s Recommendations

March was an exceptional reading month for me. There were a few surprises, a few must reads and one very big THANK GOODNESS IT’S FINALLY HERE.

Lover At Last by J R Ward ** [AMZBNSK]
I have a been looking forward to Blay and Qhuinn’s HEA for what seems like years. Once I started I didn’t come up for air until I finished. I was worried that my great love for these characters would give me too high expectations and I would end up disappointed, but that didn’t happen. I was completely satisfied with their story. It worked for me. I could have done with a little fewer sub plots and more lovey-dovey stuff once they got together but all in all I LOVED THIS BOOK.

Night Blade by J C Daniels ** [AMZBNSK]
Thank you Jen for recommending this series to me. I can’t think of another new to me urban fantasy series I’ve read in recent years I’ve enjoyed more. This is the second book in the series and I can honestly say it’s one of the best follow ups I’ve ever read. The ending will leave you breathless and with that tight feeling in your chest. I’m almost desperate to get my hands on the third book Broken Blade. So desperate I’ve taken to stalking J C Daniels/ Shiloh Walker on her twitter page. This is a must read series for any, ANY reader of urban fantasy. Read Jen’s review here.

Caged Warrior by Lindsey Piper ** [AMZBNSK]
Yes, I picked this to review initially because of the cover. I did. It’s true. I also read the prequel Silent Warrior and was so intrigued I decided I absolutely had to read Caged Warrior. This is one of the darker paranormal romances I’ve read lately. These characters pull no emotional punches and the author isn’t afraid to have them be both harsh and tender with each other. The world building is intriguing and I think this will be another series that will attract readers and build a huge following. Reviews for Silent Warrior and Caged Warrior coming soon.

Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley ** [AMZBNSK]
What can I say. It’s a KA. It’s also another story in the Chaos Motorcycle club world and we get to see Tack again. Tabby and Shy will steal your heart. Review coming soon.

Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor ** [AMZBNSK]
I’m not sure how I missed reading this when it released last year. I’m also surprised there isn’t more buzz out there about this new series. Blood Shadows is a very well written debut paranormal romance. The heroine is strong and smart while the hero Kane is just about as sexy as you can get. I’ll be reading book two this week and writing a review for it later this month. See Catherine’s review here.

Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost ** [AMZBNSK]
There is just something about Vlad that I adore. It could be his assholishness or that he’s so ruthless with everyone but his heroine. I enjoyed the first book in this series but I loved this one. LOVED. I actually enjoyed Leila here more because she makes Vlad man up and be who she needs him to be. Lots of angst and some pretty hot sexy times. Good stuff. See Sophia’s review here.

Wicked as She Wants by Delilah S. Dawson ** [AMZBNSK]
This is book two in the amazing, wondrous steampunk series by Delilah S. Dawson. Well I say steampunk, but there are hints of so many different genres it’s hard to classify. Historical, paranormal, steampunk, fantasy, this series has an appeal to a wide variety of readers. Book two leads us deeper into this world and gives Ms. Dawson the opportunity to expand her world building and create even newer and more fantastic characters. Review coming soon.

Jen’s Recommendations

For some reason I can’t remember much of March.  It must have just flown by because I swear I just did my February recommendations.  March was an ok book month, not quite as good as Jan/Feb but still some keepers.

After Hours by Cara McKenna ** [AMZBNSK]
My first Cara McKenna book and I loved it.  Kelly, the hero, is a take no crap kind of guy.  He is big and rugged.  I loved the way he approached a relationship with the heroine, Erin.  This book happily started a McKenna book glom for me.  Review to come.

Willing Victim by Cara McKenna ** [AMZBNSK]
The first in my Cara McKenna glom and it was surprisingly good.  There is a forced seduction acted out and it is pretty hot.  This is a novella but it packs a lot in the short pages.  Review  here.

Curio by Cara McKenna ** [AMZBNSK]
I had heard about Curio only a hundred times but I am always nervous about the potential of a relationship when one person is still sleeping with other people.  It never seemed to be an issue in Curio and by the final vignette I was in love with him too.  These books were so much more than I expected.  See review here.

Wrecked by Shiloh Walker ** [AMZBNSK]
The friends to lovers trope is one of my favorites and Ms. Walker did it so well in Wrecked.  Zach had been in love with Abby for so long and he was so wonderful and dedicated.  I have had super good luck with 4 of Ms. Walker’s books in a row now.  I need to keep going.  See my review here.

Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost ** [AMZBNSK]
Vlad.  Fierce and hot and sexy.  Leila .  Quickly becoming one of my favorite heroines.  See Sophia’s review here.

Beyond Control by Kit Rocha ** [AMZBNSK]
I will admit that I wasn’t so sure about Lex when I started this book.  She was going to have to do some fancy stuff to get me to think she was worthy of Dallas.  No worries though, both Dallas and Lex lived up to their promise.  Beyond Control was even better than the first book in this series, Beyond Shame.  And the setup for the next couple of books has me on the edge of my seat.  See Angela’s review here.

Amy’s Recommendations

A hot Assistant US Attorney, The Prince of Darkness, sexy, gritty motorcycle clubs and a steamy good love triangle round out my fabulous month of reading.  Here we go:

Love Irresistibly by Julie James ** [AMZBNSK]
I fell in love with Julie James FBI/US Attorney series immediately after finishing the first book, Something About You.  Ms. James hooked me with her glowering hero, Jack Pallas, and I’ve never looked back.  But the evidence proves that Cade Morgan is giving Jack some serious competition!  He is 5 star sexy goodness.  Love Irresistibly releases on 4/2 so be sure to check back and see my joint review with Jen as we gush about Cade Morgan.

Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost ** [AMZBNSK]
The Vlad I fell in love with in the Night Huntress series is back in Twice Tempted. Vlad the Impaler, the seducer, the flirt has returned. His arrogance is still prominent but I believe it is better balanced in this installment as compared to Once Burned.  Several milestones are reached in the continuation of Vlad and Leila’s story and the ending sets up the road to a final showdown that will lead into the final book of the trilogy.  Check out Sophia’s review here.

Own The Wind by Kristen Ashley ** [AMZBNSK]
This is the latest release from the cracktastic Kristen Ashley and the first book in her new series entitled, Chaos.  Tabby is Kane “Tack” Allen’s daughter (Motorcycle Man) and Ms. Ashley gives creates a great pairing and love story with Shy Cage.  My only disappointment is I wanted more Tack moments but I’m a goner for all things Tack!  Review posting soon at Fiction Vixen.

Club Justice/Club Ties by Mara McBain ** [AMZBNSK]
I discovered a new MC series, Trinity Falls, and I am officially hooked!  There are currently two books, Club Justice and Club Ties.  The first book is more plot driven while the second book is more romance driven.  The Lords of Mayhem have a definite Sons of Anarchy vibe, but not in a copycat way.  Readers that enjoy the grittier, darker side of the MC lifestyle should definitely check out this series.

On Every Street by Karina Hale ** [AMZBNSK]
On Every Street is the prequel to Karina Hale’s, The Artists Trilogy and man on man I am now in love with the enemy!  Sins & Needles introduced us to our trio/love triangle, Ellie, Javier and Cameron.  This series is dark, sexy, twisted madness and after reading this prequel, I am dying for book two! Check out Angela’s review of Sins & Needles here but trust me when I say you do NOT want to miss reading this prequel!

Sophia’s Recommendations

Another slow reading month for me, but I did read some good books!

Lover At Last by J.R. Ward ** [AMZBNSK]
I have waited SO long for Qhuinn and Blay’s HEA. I really enjoyed their story AND I loved what we’re seeing develop with other characters like Layla, Xcor, Assaila, Sola, Wrath and Beth. Oh, and did you hear? The next book in the series will be titled The King and it will be about Wrath and Beth!!!!! omg. Our joint post about Lover at Last. #TeamLayla

The Bride by Julie Garwood ** [AMZBNSK]
Mandi at Smexy Books told me I needed to check this book out. Since I’ve been wanting to read some old school romance it seemed like a good choice. I really enjoyed it. Scottish hero, English heroine, arranged marriage, hot sexy goodness. I immediately grabbed The Secret when I was done.

The Secret by Julie Garwood ** [AMZBNSK]
I think I liked this one even more than The Bride. Probably because the Scottish Laird falls for the English heroine without an arranged marriage. He just falls and informs her he’s “keeping her”. LOL. I may continue on this current glom. Yes, yes I will indeed.

Beyond Control by Kit Rocha ** [AMZBNSK]
This is the second book in this dystopian series and I liked it even more than the first book Beyond Shame. I loved Ace and Lex’s story. The world continues to grow and the set up for other characters is making me get grabby hands for future books. See Angela’s top ten reasons to read Beyond Control.

Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost ** [AMZBNSK]
It seems like spinoff series usually don’t work well for me. Not the case with the Night Prince series. This series is rocking my world and I am loving both Vlad and Leila. This one was more angsty than the previous book because there were relationship issues. I loved it!! Review.

Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley ** [AMZBNSK]
Another KA hit for me and another spinoff series that looks like it will be a hit with me. I loved Shy and Tabby!! Joint review coming soon.

These are our recommendations for the books we read in March. What did you read that you can recommend?


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