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It’s 2013 and we’re already one month in! I hope you read some awesome books in January. These are book we read in January, but may not have been released in January because we’re crazy like that.

Jen’s Recommendations

Wheeeee!  2013 started excellent for me.  Since we did our 2012 recs instead of December I will include some of my December favorites in here as well.  I saved a ton of good books for the end of the year so don’t laugh at me for not reading these months before.  :)  On top of December, I had a bang up January so bear with me, please.

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost ** [AMZBNSK]
Cat and Bones have always been my first PNR love so to say I was apprehensive about this book would be putting it mildly.  I wasn’t a big fan of Spade and Mencheres and I didn’t want to be disappoint by Vlad.  Good thing I wasn’t!  First I kicked myself for not reading it and then I kicked myself for reading it! I hate waiting for the next book.  Sophia’s review here.

Killing Time by Cindy Gerard ** [AMZBNSK]
Killing Time starts a new series by Cindy Gerard and she doesn’t let us down.  Ms. Gerard is fast becoming the go to in romantic suspense.  I enjoyed every page of this new offering.  See review here.

About Last Night by Ruthie Knox ** [AMZBNSK]
I think I was officially the last one to read this book.  I never should have waited.  I had serious highs with Nev and Cath and serious low heartbreaking moments.  I need to read more by Ms. Knox.  See Amy’s review here.

Archangel’s Storm by Nalini Singh ** [AMZBNSK]
Same scenario as Cat and Bones, I would much prefer to read about Rafael and Elena.  Jason though, he might have just stolen my heart in this book.  Archangel’s Storm could be one of my favorite books by Ms. Singh.  See Catherine’s review here.

Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway ** [AMZBNSK]
The cover on our sidebar advertising first caught my eye but then I realized that Angela was reviewing it too.  We both had the same opinion of this book.  It was a story I had never read before but ended up loving.  So very strange to have a drag queen as your hero but Nicholas really worked for me.  See Angela’s review here.

Caressed By Ice by Nalini Singh ** [AMZBNSK]
This was an audio re-read for me.  Judd has always been my favorite of all the Psy/Changeling heroes.  My audio re-read reminded my why.

Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde ** [AMZBNSK]
The hero’s name is Horse and he is hung like one.  That right there is enough to make me read the book.  It has been described as Motorcycle Man plus Sons of Anarchy.  Read it!  Amy and Tori’s review here.

Addicted by Charlotte Stein ** [AMZBNSK]
One of my statuses on GR said “Holy crap on a cracker this book is hot”.  I simply adore Ms. Stein’s writing.  This is a full length novel from her and I LOVED every word.  I want more *insert whine* MORE.  See my review here.

Fall Into You by Roni Loren ** [AMZBNSK]
I was pretty excited to get Grant’s story.  He has been such an enigma in the previous books.  My heart broke when I heard his story in Fall Into You.  I loved Grant and Charli together and there is no shortage of yummy smex!  See my review here.

Going Under by Lauren Dane ** [AMZBNSK]
Best book yet in her Bound by Magick series.  It masterfully pulls in characters from her other series as well.  Molly is a wonderfully strong and confident heroine.  She made the book for me.  See my review here.

Angela’s Recommendations

Painted Faces by LH Cosway ** [AMZBNSK]
I was completely taken by surprise by how much I loved this unconventional story. A heterosexual drag queen isn’t the usual hero I go for, but the love story between Freda and Nicholas was so unique and endearing that I was captivated and unable to put this one down. See my review here and my interview with LH Cosway here.

Big Boy by Ruthie Knox ** [AMZBNSK]
This short story, only 66 pages, is part of the Strangers on a Train series coming out in April from Samhain Publishing. I’m still not sure how Ruthie Knox managed to give me everything I love in a romance in so small amount of page time. The two main characters start their relationship by acting out their fantasies through role playing and don’t even know each other’s real names, but they start to fall for each other and must come to terms with where they want their relationship to go. Review coming closer to release date.

Escorted by Claire Kent ** [AMZBNSK]
I snapped this up when it was free on Amazon, and it turned out to be one of my favorites of the month. The heroine hires a male escort to rid her of her dreaded virginity and ends up wanting more than just sex. The author did a wonderful job of convincing the reader of this couple moving from a purely sexual relationship to real love and commitment. See Sophia’s review here.

Wild Burn by Edie Harris ** [AMZBNSK]
I don’t often read western historicals, but Mandi and Tori over at Smexy Books seemed to really enjoy this one so I thought I would give it a try. The hero shoots the heroine on accident in the first chapter and then proceeds to court her and make amends throughout the rest of the book. It’s sexy, but also extremely romantic. Some of the things he says to her….*swoon*

Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde ** [AMZBNSK]
Amy recommended this dirty bit of biker badassness to me and I LOVED IT! It’s been compared to Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man, but I think it has a rougher, dirtier feel to it. Horse, yes the hero’s name is Horse, because you know he’s hung like one, seems like a jerk at first,  but as the story moved along and we finally got his POV I started to really enjoy his coarse, dirty alphahole personality. I will definitely be looking for the next book in this series. See Amy’s review here.

Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep ** [AMZBNSK]
One of my most anticipated of 2013 and Gin did not let me down. I think this book was a turning point in the series for several reasons… mostly having to do with what direction the overall series will be taking and who might be Gin’s main foe now that Mab is dead. This was mainly Gin doing what Gin does best all by her lonesome over the course of one night. Review coming soon.

Amy’s Recommendations

The kick off of the new year provided me with several great recommendations.  Here we go:

How to Misbehave by Ruthie Knox ** [AMZBNSK]
I’ve been a diehard Ruthie Knox fan since she gave me Nev from About Last Night.  Ruthie’s contemporary writing style has always hit a home run for me and How To Misbehave is definitely a winner. Tony and Amber are a sexy, sweet treat! My review.

Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde ** [AMZBNSK]
The hero’s name is Horse and yes… he’s hung like one.  That alone should grab your attention and have you curious for more.  Tori from Smexybooks and I dished on why we love the biker club known as Reapers and how we are dying for more. Our review.

Fall Into You by Roni Loren ** [AMZBNSK]
I’ve been waiting for Grant’s story and Ms. Loren did not disappoint.  Grant is the owner of “The Ranch” and his reclusive and emotionally withdrawn nature has intrigued me from book one.  It was nice to finally learn his story.  This is my favorite book of the Loving on the Edge series. Jen’s review

Addicted by Charlotte Stein ** [AMZBNSK]
I have a great love for Charlotte Stein.  She can create some of the most fascinating characters and pen the most filthy, erotic scenes that will seriously make you squirm.  In a good way!    The emotional depth to her style is one of a kind.  Jen’s review

Escorted by Claire Kent ** [AMZBNSK]
Escorted made the buzz on twitter and several of us here at Fiction Vixen read and enjoyed this little gem.  Male escort meets romance novelist.  The pace of the couple’s relationship was very well done and I enjoyed seeing the passion build as well as the feelings they both developed for each other. Sophia’s review

Sophia’s Recommendations

My January was just ok. I didn’t read a lot of new releases, just a few. Most of my recs are older books.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn ** [AMZBNSK]
I would have never picked this book up if not for Jen’s rec. It’s not a romance and so in spite of it’s massive popularity, it hit my radar and dropped right off. This book was just brilliant with it’s twists and turns. I pretty much loved everything about it…except the ending. That pissed me off. :)

Big Boy by Ruthie Knox ** [AMZBNSK]
Big Boy is a short story which I don’t usually read. But so many people have recommended Ruthie Knox  to me so I decided to give it a go. It was wonderful! At only 66 pages it was a complete and lovely romance. Well done. Angela will be reviewing this one closer to release date.

Hot Head by Damon Suede ** [AMZBNSK]
I listened to the audio version of this and let me tell you….the narrator rocked this book! The book itself was really good and the narrator made super sexy. If you get a chance, pick this one up.

Escorted by Claire Kent ** [AMZBNSK]
This was an unexpected treat. A male escort and a romance author. I know, I cringed at first too especially since the name of the author in the book is the same as the author of the book. It starts off very cold and not sexy at all which I kind of think is realistic. But if you stick with it past the first chapter, this romance takes root and becomes something awesome. My review here.

That’s what we read and recommend in January. What did you read that you think we should put on our TBR?


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    *sigh* I am jealous of all your great reads this month. I barely read any books all January. Certainly not enough to do a favorites list. *pouts*

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    I have enjoyed several of these that have made the list (Reaper’s Property, How to Misbehave, Addicted, Deadly Sting, etc) but the one that has stood out the MOST is PAINTED FACES by LH Cosway!! I’m so glad you’ve included it =)