Review: Yours at Midnight by Robin Bielman

Yours at Midnight by Robin BielmanNew Year’s Eve is an important holiday in Lyric Whetstone’s life. Four years ago a car crash on New Year’s took her best friend Oliver Sobel’s life.  Then after coming together on a passionate, emotional night his brother Quinn leaves her without a word. Now four years later Quinn is back home, still trying to get over his guilt and grief over his brother’s death and wanting to make amends to the girl he’s always loved.

For such a short story this book had a lot of emotion packed into the pages. Both of these characters have experienced the loss of an important person in their life, for Lyric, Oliver was her best friend and partner in crime, for Quinn he was a brother, but also a rival and competitor. Quinn has always been in love with Lyric. From the moment he met her as a boy she was it for him. The chummy relationship between his brother and Lyric made him feel like an outsider, he was never the one she confided in or spent time with. Growing up he often lashes out at both his brother and friend, creating a distance between them that he still regrets to this day.

I enjoyed Yours at Midnight, it was a fast, cute holiday read. I had a few mixed feelings as I got into the story, mainly to do with the actions of Lyric and a secret that she keeps from Quinn. When Lyric unexpectedly runs into Quinn at his parent’s house she is understandably upset. I mean these two have known each other since they were kids and he leaves after they have a one night stand and doesn’t even try to get in contact with her over the years. In essence Lyric loses two important people at one time. She’s standoffish, argumentative and even goes as far as to try to keep her mother from inviting him over for the holiday, but I liked her. She has a close relationship with her family and seems like a caring person as the owner of a home health business who truly wants to help her patients. As much as I liked Lyric at the beginning, when the truth of what her secret was came to light I was a little taken aback. Quinn wasn’t some random person who she was never going to see again, he was her childhood friend, he grew up next door to her. His parents still live there and are friendly enough with her family that they plan New Year’s Eve parties together. Even after he comes back to town and they start to fall for each other again she still can’t seem to bring herself to tell him. Poor guy, no wonder he felt so insecure growing up.

I very much enjoyed Quinn. Through his memories of the past I started to understand why he treated Lyric the way he did when they were children and the jealously he felt of her and his brother’s relationship. Oliver was this fun-loving, big personality and Quinn was the brother who felt overlooked and unsure of his importance.  His feelings are complex, he was so jealous of his brother, but at the same time loved him very much. Oliver’s death affects him so deeply that he basically leaves his hometown and loved ones trying to escape his grief. Lyric and her family help him deal with his issues and reconnect. It was fun watching these characters find each other again, but in an all new way. Even the big misunderstanding didn’t stand in the way of these two finally finding their happily ever after.

Regardless of the length I felt this story was well paced, never rushed or left incomplete. I think the history between these two gave the reader the feeling that this was a longer story than it actually was. All in all, a quick, easy read that left me with a good feeling. A great way to start the New Year. Final Grade: B-

 Favorite Quote:

“You’ll never be alone again, Quinn,” she whispered, laying her hand over his.

“And you’ll never, ever doubt how I feel about you.”

She pulled him down and kissed him. “To tell you the truth, I never did.”

Yours at Midnight by Robin Bielman
December 18th 2012 by Entangled Publishing
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