Review: Wolf Nip by Vivian Arend

IWolf Nip by Vivian Arend‘ve actually only read the first two books in this series, and then I jumped to number 6. I didn’t feel like I was lost not having the read the other books in the series, although I was reminded that I might want to go back and read the rest of the series. I enjoy a good sexy shifter story now and then and this series has delivered so far from what I’ve read.

Tessa is a big cat shifter who is interested in starting her own business. She’d like to set up a bed and breakfast on a landlocked paddle wheeler in Haines, Alaska. So she makes an offer and relocates. Upon her first meeting with the paddle wheeler owner, her life could be changed forever.

Mark is the owner of the paddle wheeler and is not able to just sell it off due to some red-tape and complications. Things get even more complicated when the interested party (Tessa) comes to pay a visit and he recognizes her as his mate. Even more complicated, he is a wolf shifter and his fated mate is a cat and she does not recognize him as her mate. It’s not in the nature of cat shifters to have a fated mate and while she’s not opposed to the possibility of Mark being her mate, she wants to take things slow and fall in love before they get to the mate part. Not an easy thing for a wolf shifter who is driven to claim his mate.

Since Mark can’t sell off his paddle wheeler, he comes up with a business arrangement that suits them both and gives them ample opportunity to spend time together as Tessa gets to know Mark.

I really enjoyed Tessa’s cat nature. She’s playful and fun and I felt like the author did a good job making her character “cat-like” by giving her certain cat characteristics that complimented Tessa’s personality. Now that I think of it, Mark was not all that growly though. He was “wolf-like” but his nature was not as extreme as we sometimes see in shifter stories which was fine since his mate is a cat :).

Wolf Nip is a nice little sexy romance without a lot of emotional or external conflict. Although Tessa wants to take things a little slower than Mark, she doesn’t completely reject him and is totally open to a little romance which was refreshing. At times it was a little hard to watch Mark struggle with his need to claim his mate, but he’s a gentleman…a horny gentleman, and respects Tessa’s need to get to know how him and takes things a little slower making his all the more appealing. There is a lot of sexual tension and the sexy times do not disappoint.

A fun, sexy paranormal romance.

Rating: B
Wolf Nip by Vivian Arend
February 12th 2013 by Samhain Publishing
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    I love this series because of the lack of major emotional conflict. Sometimes you need something fun and hot. I’d say go back and read the other books. I think they’re consistently good :-)