Review: Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

Wild Wolf by Jennifer AshleyWild Wolf, the sixth book in the Shifters Unbound series, tells the story of Graham and his human girlfriend Misty. Graham was introduced in Mate Claimed  and wasn’t the most likable character. Having been forced to move his pack from their original Shiftertown to blend with the Las Vegas shifters and become a co-leader with Eric Warden hasn’t been easy on anyone. Least of all a dominant wolf. He’s in a tough spot. While Graham’s trying to make peace with his place in the Vegas pack, he knows that if he doesn’t mate with another wolf his leadership will be questioned and challenged. Therefore his relationship with a human can only go so far, so he’s been trying to keep it light. No sex and no chance to develop a mate claim.

That is until he gets an emergency call from Misty one day. Misty gets into trouble when someone her brother pissed off in prison comes to visit determined to find the man and make him pay. Misty’s flower shop gets destroyed, she gets kidnapped and it’s Graham who she calls to help. This begins a chain reaction that sets up a battle between the Fae and the shifters and ultimately brings the relationship between Graham and Misty to a head.

The Shifters Unbound series just gets better and better with every new installment. The story arc of the shifter’s need to remove the collars that bind them has been ongoing in the last several books and it develops even further in Wild Wolf. And I am happy for that. As the cast of characters grow and this world expands to include different shiftertowns and members of the Fae world, the plotlines are getting more complex and the conflicts harder to resolve. Don’t get me wrong, the romances are still as hot as ever, but I as a reader am more invested now in the resolution of the main story arc. With every new development I find myself on the edge of my seat anxious to find out how it will all play out.

Graham and Misty are an unlikely couple, a big bad wolf and a human woman. They already have an established relationship at the beginning of this book, having been seeing each other for a while before Misty calls for Graham’s help. Even though he is determined to keep it all on the lighter side. Misty is a feisty character, not afraid of shifters, not afraid of Graham AT ALL, but frustrated beyond belief at the mixed signals she keeps getting from her wolf. He doesn’t want to get in deep with her? Okay. Then why does he seem upset when someone else pays her any attention? He needs to eventually breed with another wolf? Sure. Then why does he seem to be unable to leave her alone?  I liked that their relationship is allowed time to develop a little slower than some of the previous couples in this series. It takes some time for Graham to accept his emotions where Misty is concerned and move forward all the way into a physical relationship with her. There are many conflicts this couple must overcome to get their HEA, pack politics and racism to name a couple, but in the end their mating is a beautiful thing.

As always, with any book in this series (with any Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James book period) there are plenty of sexy times, non-stop action, well-developed secondary characters and engaging dialogue all rolled into an excellently crafted plot. I absolutely love where Ms. Ashley appears to be taking his series. This is an author who I will gladly follow into any genre and always longingly look forward to every new release. I love her voice and no matter what I read, what genre she writes in, whether it’s historical, paranormal, urban fantasy or mystery, she always keeps me engaged wholeheartedly. While I do think Wild Wolf can be read as a stand-a-lone, I don’t recommend it. I really believe this series must be read from the beginning to get the most out of it. This is a fabulous series that has evolved into a must read for paranormal romance fans.  Final Grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

But Graham knew, watching as Misty walked around to the back of the car, her skirt swishing around her tanned legs, that he’d never, ever be able to send her away. She was rapidly filling every empty space inside Graham’s heart, and cutting her out of it would kill him.

Graham sat down on his haunches, wanting to point his nose to the sky and howl as miserably as Dougal had. He was so, so screwed.

Rating: B +
Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley
April 1st 2014 by Berkley
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  1. Tina F says

    Jennifer Ashley is an autobuy for me. Thanks for the review. Can’t wait to read it.