Review: Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh

Wild Invitation by Nalini SinghBeat of Temptation is the story of Tammy and Nate.  Tammy is DarkRiver’s healer and Nate is the senior sentinel.  They have been a big part of all the Psy/Changeling stories to date so I was happy we finally were able to read about their mating.

Tammy took over as DarkRiver’s healer at a very young age.  Both Tammy and Nate have known they were mates since she was 15 but since Nate is ten years older he refuses to fully accept the bond.  He watched his mother slowly die after accepting a mate bond at too early of an age.  Tammy is not Nate’s mother but she cannot get him to realize it so thinking it best for both the pack and herself, she leaves DarkRiver.  Tammy leaving is exactly the kick in the butt that Nate needs.  He tracks her down and they complete the mating.

Even though it was only a short story I loved every word.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“The day I realized you were my mate, the happiness almost killed me.  So don’t you ever say I don’t love or want you.  I chose you, Tamsyn Mahaire.  I chose you.”

Stroke of Enticement is the story of DarkRiver soldier Zach and his mate Annie.  Annie is a teacher well-known to the pack.  She had a freak accident when she was a child that left her with a lame leg.  When Zach’s nephew gets into a fight at school he refuses to say why until he can talk to his uncle Zach.  The boy had been defending his teacher and didn’t want to tell her what was said.  As soon as Zach sees Annie he feels the mating bond but he has to play it safe so he doesn’t scare her off.  Annie’s parents are not a great example of a healthy relationship and her father had checked out on her mother many years before.

This story was a cute but short one.  I can’t remember much about Zach so I wasn’t as connected to this couple as I was to Tammy and Nate.  It was fun to watch Zach not give up in his pursuit.  You gotta love those sexy cats and their determination.  I also enjoyed the glimpse of several of my favorite other changeling members.  Sasha and Lucas make an appearance plus Zach has a long conversation with Mercy.  Final grade- B

Declaration of Courtship gives us SnowDancer lieutenant’s courtship of submissive Grace.  Cooper and Grace are so far apart on the dominance scale that Grace doesn’t know if she will ever be able to be with him.  Cooper has resolved to take it slow but Grace’s wolf sees him as too much of a threat and ends up submitting because of fear and not passion.  They must find a way to show Grace’s wolf that Cooper can be trusted and that his dominance won’t overwhelm Grace.

This was probably my favorite novella in the book.  There is something about that over the top dominance that I love.  When you pair it with a submissive who will make the man work for his skin privileges, well it was the perfect combination.  Cooper is lieutenant of a satellite location so we don’t get to see much of him.  I was happy with their courtship and happily ever after.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“Guess what?”  A very wolfish angle to her head.


Leaning in close, she whispered.  “I decided.”

His spine bowed as the mating bond locked into place, as gentle and as fierce a thing as Grace herself.  Throwing back his head, he howled his joy, heard the wild wolves howl back.  And then he heard his Grace, her voice melding with his in a harmony that was their song of the heart.

Texture of Intimacy is like a day in the life of the SnowDancer wolves.  It starts only hours after they mate and goes out over several weeks.  It follows several members of the SnowDancer tribe but mostly focuses on the Walker family.  There were glimpses of Aden also (was that a hint??!) which I loved since he has always been a mystery I want to figure out.  Final grade- B+

Overall this was a good holdover until the next Psy/Changeling book.  There were stories for beloved favorites and two from new couples we were not as familiar with.  As I have said before, Nalini Singh could rewrite the phone book and I will probably read it.

Rating: B/B+
Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh
March 5th 2013 by Berkley Sensation
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  1. says

    I’m hoping to read this one too, I agree, I’d read anything she writes and probably love it. It’ll help tide me over to Heart Of Obsidian, but I’m still glad that there isn’t much longer now to wait for that one.

  2. Denise Van Plew says

    read that one a couple a weeks ago great insight on a couple of characters I have come to know from having read them all.