Review: Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks

Whispers In The DarkHeld captive and tortured for information in an overseas prison, Nathan Kelly believes he may be facing his final days of life.  Two things keep him in survival mode – the hope that his brothers of the KGI/Kelly Group International (private hostage/kidnap victim recovery group) are close to finding him and the soothing, comforting voice that now speaks to him in his mind.  Shea Peterson has a unique gift of telepathy.  Additionally, she is able to use this connection to draw pain from the people she links to and take the physical pain within herself.  She shares this gift with her sister Grace and is able to connect and heal random people.  Shea has made a direct connection with Nathan and has begun to feel his agony, fear and physical torture while being held captive.  She knows that he is quickly loosing hope of being rescued or escaping so she begins to talk to him and encourage his will for survival.  Naturally, Nathan believes he is finally loosing it, but she assures him she is real and more important, that he is not alone.  Once Shea is able to gain enough information about Nathan’s surroundings and how to contact his brothers, she sends an email informing them where the prison is located and that Nathan is running out of time.  With Grace’s help, Shea is able to aide in his escape, but then her communication with Nathan ceases.  Six months have passed and Nathan is no closer to putting the pieces of his life back together since his return.  He feels a deep sense of loss within himself and continually seeks solitude from his concerned family.  After numerous attempts to connect with Shea again, he begins to question if his “Angel” is indeed real.  Then out of the blue Nathan feels her presence.  Disoriented, terrified and needing his help, Nathan finally connects with Shea and finds that she has escaped the confines of the people that are after her and her sister due to their extraordinary gifts.  Nathan hops on a plane to rescue her.  When he arrives and they finally stand face to face, Nathan is relieved to touch her and confirm that she is indeed real.  He believes with all of his heart that she is meant to be his and will now do everything in his power to protect both Shea and Grace from the enemies searching to capture them both.

When the KGI series started, it was portrayed as a solid romantic suspense genre.  Although Ms. Banks continues to deliver a driven, suspenseful story, the paranormal addition has me cringing.  The telepathy was used to form an instant connection, attraction and commitment to both characters even though they had no idea why it worked between them, particularly when they had no prior history with each other.   Ms. Banks used this gift to establish an immediate “we are soulmates” type feel that lead to the early “I love you, we are meant to be together” mentality of both characters and therefore resulted in a sappy, sweet union that was entirely unrealistic.  When I say sap, I mean like dripping out of a pine tree.  It was too perfect and unfortunately for me, became a cheesefest that was beyond believable and extremely disheartening.  I literally was asking myself, where did this plot come from and why go there?  While I am not washing my hands of the series, I am highly disappointed.  Ms. Banks’ saving grace is the family bond and emotional connection she has created within the Kelly clan which comes from well established characters that I became invested in from book one.  I can only hope that we get back to the basics with how this series started, otherwise, many like me will continue to be dissatisfied.

Favorite Quote:

“He pulled her against him, enjoying the sensation of her bare flesh against him.  He loved her smell.  How silky her skin felt against his fingers.  How she was plump in all the right places.  He loved every curve and swell.  How delicate she appeared and yet she was a force to be reckoned with.”

Rating: D
Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks
January 3rd 2012 by Berkley
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  1. says

    It was too perfect and unfortunately for me, became a cheesefest that was beyond believable and extremely disheartening.

    This x 1,000.

  2. SHZ says

    I really disliked this one. The paranormal aspects were so Christine Feehan, and you CANNOT introduce that stuff so late in a series! The next book will be worse because it’s about the magical sister!

    It was also far too cheesy. Everything was perfect and the extended families all CARE so much, and they all get together to pray, and everyone loves everyone. Ugh. I am looking forward to Cindy Gerard’s proper military romance coming out in less than a fortnight!

    • says

      I definitely felt like the writing style of this book did not stay true to character of the Kelly family I have come to know throughout the series and the telepathic communication made it all the more unbelievable.

  3. Jenifer says

    Your review mirrored my thoughts regarding this book. With everything that KGI does, I was dissapointed that the paranormal route was taken in order to bring our hero and heroine together. I got so tired of the silent conversations between Nathan and Shea that I started skimming thru them. And while I did like Nathan, I didn’t get that alpha-male vibe from him that I enjoyed with the 3 previous bothers. Could have been all the sappiness!

    • SHZ says

      I skimmed so many of them I missed the “I love you” declarations and had to go back and reread!

  4. marian says

    yep, I love this series but yes , I really don’t like the paranormal aspects in it. If she want , she always can write a new series, right?
    I’m so sad because I love Nathan in previous books TT___TT

  5. says

    I am sorry you disliked the book, but I have seen many reviews similar to yours. I have still not read this author, but this particular book sounds like one I can skip. Hope your next book is a great one again.

  6. says

    So the author threw a paranormal feature in out of nowhere? In the middle of a non paranormal series? Oh, bad form! And I prefer my books without cheese. 😛 I’ll have to take a pass on this.

  7. says

    Great review, Amy. I wasn’t to impressed with the para element in this story but had a conversation via Twitter last night with Ms Banks and got to see her point of view of para element. – I will continue to read this series. I’ve loved it since the beginning and can not wait for Van’s story. I only wish his story would be told sooner as I’m a very impatient person. XD

  8. says

    Darn, I have the first two books in this series on my shelf so I really hope that I like them. I’m sad to learn that the series goes off in a strange direction, I hate when series start out one way and then there is a big huge twist and the book ends up as something completely different.

    thanks for the great review.

  9. Gail says

    I hated your review. This book was fantastic. Your the reason i don’t read reviews very often.
    This series is going exactly they way she as the writer wants it to go. If you don’t like the books DON’T READ THEM.
    I really dislike negative people who can’t do anything but spread their negativity.

    • says

      It’s ok, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion of the book and of the review, and you’re welcome to leave a comment. However Amy is also entitled to read and review any books she likes. She has reviewed all the books in this series and has enjoyed them. She didn’t care for the addition of the paranormal aspect in this book and stated why in her review.

      I fail to see how she is spreading negativity in discussing a book on a book review blog. It’s what we do here. I mean, it’s not like she’s trolling around the internet leaving nasty comments about the book everywhere she goes.

    • says

      Gail-You have the right to hate my review as I have the right to dislike the book and write a fair and honest review to state my reasons. And writing a negative review does not constitute me being a negative person. Glad you enjoyed the book, however I did not and as a reviewer at Fiction Vixen I have the freedom to express why I didn’t. We are not a “5 star only” review blog for future reference.

  10. Tori says

    Great review Amy. I read the first one in the series but deduced quickly I’m not a military/romance fan. Curious to know why she would introduce paranormal aspects mid series though.

    • SHZ says

      Tori, I wouldn’t write off military romance based only on this series – it’s not really a milrom series. There’s much better stuff out there with less of the sappiness.

      Maya Banks has some crazy fangirls. I’ve reviewed these books before and I got attacked for a FOUR star review – it got reported and they tried to have it removed!! Nothing less than five is allowed it seems.

  11. says

    I’ve read all three books and I was shocked at the paranormal twist thrown in. I love Feehan’s Ghostwalker series, so it was right up my alley, but my mother avoids all things paranormal and refused to read it. Because I love paranormal books, I’m good with the change. However, I can see where some folks would hate the change at this late in a series.