Review: Vipers Run by Stephanie Tyler

Vipers Run by Stephanie TylerI’m always excited when I see a new MC series by an author I know.  And then when I see that book with its oh so sexy cover it is like it’s calling my name to read it.  Vipers Run was just that book.  It gives us the story of Calla, Cage and the Skulls Creek MC club.

Unfortunately, Calla was on my last nerve from the start of this book.  It opens up with her bemoaning her life and she never came back from that.  As she is leaving her office a phone call comes in on her bosses cell phone and she answers it.  Cage is the man on the other end and he is in bad shape.  According to him, he is dying and just her voice brings him back to life.  Unfortunately their conversation puts her on the radar of the bad guys.  Her boss returns just long enough to give her an escape plan, which she happily takes, and then he is shot and killed by those bad guys.  All as Calla is driving away.  What ever happened to calling the police?  Your boss was just killed…but no, it’s every man for himself.

Calla finds her way to where her boss told her to go only to slide into a several week funk.  All from the phone call with Cage.  The ten minute phone call with a man she has never met.

“I told Cage something and he said….he said he was coming back for me.  He promised.  And I hate him for that, because everyone always breaks their promises.

She mooches off the man living at the place she ended up and does nothing but feel sorry for herself.  For weeks.  In the interim, we meet some secondary characters like Tenn who is gay and runs an escort/porn business.  No clue what is going on with him but it doesn’t matter because not too much time later and the illustrious Cage shows up.  After whining and moaning for weeks about how he let her down, after a ten minute phone call, this is Calla’s reaction.

“And here I thought you’d be happy to find me alive,” was Cage’s answer.

I whirled to face him.  “I’d have been happier not to have mourned you.  Do you have any idea what that’s been like for me?”

She mourned him.  You have got to be kidding me.  I was flabbergasted as to why Cage was even there.  All this chick does is cry, feel sorry for herself and cling onto other people like a giant, needy sponge.  She has no personality or redeeming qualities.  He, at least, seems hot and dirty.  She was useless and I could not stand her.

It isn’t long before she is at the crying again.  This time during sex.

How he could so quickly demolish all the heavy walls I’d built around me- around my heart- I didn’t know.  The tears that ran down my face did nothing to diminish the ferocity of my orgasm.


Cage…I’m not sure what was going on with him either.  He took Calla with him and tried to get back in the graces of his old MC.  Apparently he had gone rogue to try and stop the rival MC gang, which just happened to be led by his father and brother.  He had been trying to get some info on them to put them away but ended up almost getting dead.  Now he is back with Calla and forcing her to adjust to MC life even though she has a history of previous abuse.  Whatever.  Sadly, I was done with Calla by that point.

I can’t remember the last time a heroine so thoroughly ruined a book for me.  The series has potential especially because the gay secondary character which means we could have a m/m MC.  That would be fantastic and I would totally read it.  Vipers Run, however, fell way off the mark for me.  Final grade- D+

Favorite Quote:

“You’re dying and you’re picturing me naked?”

“I’m a guy,”

Rating: D+
Vipers Run by Stephanie Tyler
July 1st 2014 by Signet
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