Review: Vanilla on Top by C.J. Ellisson

 Vanilla on Top (Walk on the Wild Side #1) by C.J. EllissonHeather Pierce agrees to a night of speed dating hoping to change the course of her life.  She is boring and lets people walk all over her and she doesn’t know how to fix it.  When Tony Carmine sits down at her table she thinks he is pretty hot and could be the one she can take a leap with.

Tony is distracted though and keeps answering his phone.  Both parties are frustrated with the interruptions and Tony makes the innocent comment that he wishes someone would just take over, that he wouldn’t have to be in charge all of the time.  Heather thinks this might be her chance and orders him to turn off his phone.  Very intrigued and a little turned on Tony follows Heather to a patio where she demands he get on his knees and pleasure her.  He does but then she leaves him.

Tony can’t stop thinking about Heather and her forcefulness but he needs to focus on work.  He is an acquisitions specialist and they are after a new advertising company.  It doesn’t take long to find out that Heather works at the company but he doesn’t know in what capacity.  Both Tony and Heather are surprised when they see each other in the takeover meeting.  Tony explains his way around the deal and Heather gives him the benefit of the doubt and they continue to see each other.

The takeover meeting was my first issue with the book. After the meeting they return to Tony’s office where Heather works her dominant magic on him.  She won’t let him finish unless he agrees to raise the offering price for the company.  She gets him to agree to $7M more just by holding out.  That part was a little silly to me because then Tony had to present the extra money to his boss.  What reason would he use for upping the offering price?  I wanted to come?

Otherwise, Tony and Heather have a bit of fun together with the shadow of the takeover looming over them.  They had a juggling act to not let anyone find out about them and accuse them of underhanded dealings.  I am not in love with the woman being the dominant party but it wasn’t so over the top here.  This was more about Heather coming into her own and learning that she could be a stronger person.  There came a point where Tony took over too.  It wasn’t all Heather being forceful.

I got the emphasis on Heather and her awakening sexuality but I wasn’t really into how every man she passed was either interested in her or she was turned on by them.  Whether she was eating or trying on shoes, everything turned into the man in front of her being hot and wanting her.  It was a little over the top and a repetitive.

I did like the way the overall conflict was handled.  Heather got a jolt and realized her feelings for Tony and Tony was able to find something he had true passion for.  The was a fast and sexy read about a woman learning her sexuality.  Final grade- C

Favorite Quote:

Quiet.  Don’t place more on this than it seems.  Sure, you had great sex and spanked his tight bum with a paddle, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pick out china and go over your bank accounts together.

Rating: C
Vanilla on Top by C.J. Ellisson
January 11th 2013 by Entangled Publishing
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