Review: Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan

Unravel Me Kendall RyanI had pretty high expectations going into this book. First off, the cover is lovely. I’m a sucker for a good-looking cover and have been known to actually buy a book based on a great one. Secondly, the premise of this book sounded so cool. A Psychology student looking for a thesis subject who gets a chance to observe and interview an amnesia patient who is accused of murder… they are drawn together and even while carrying on a sexual relationship they try to unravel his past. HELLO, doesn’t that just sound awesome? I just wish the promise of it could have carried through to the story.

My main issue is with the heroine, Ashlyn. I really did not like her. At all. She got on my nerves with her stupid decisions and wishy washiness. Before she even meets Logan, the amnesia patient, she is given his circumstances, which include him being found at an abandoned warehouse standing over a man who had been beaten to death AND that he has attacked an orderly already. So what does she do? This super smart graduate student who is working toward her PhD tells the Doctor treating this patient that she wants to be in the room with him alone, because you know, she can take care of herself. Okayyyyy. Then after that too stupid to live decision, after discovering he is lying there all NAKED with just a sheet covering his groin, she tells the orderly who enters the room to uncuff him. So now she is alone in a room with a uncuffed man who all she knows about is that he can’t remember any of his past, was found standing over a man who the cops assume he beat to death and has already been violent while being in the hospital. That was the start of what was an extremely frustrating read for me.

The whole getting to know you part of the book, while she is visiting Logan in the hospital, is kind of just alluded to. You don’t actually get to see any interaction between them. Then one day she is coming home to change to go out and she kind of runs into Logan on the street. He has been cleared of all charges and has checked himself out of the hospital. So what does this smart cookie do? Hmmm? She invites him up to her pad to stay with her. She then throws herself at him repeatedly, they tell each other they “can’t” get involved, they contradict each other, Ashlyn gets drunk and tries to stick her hand down his pants. About six thousand times.  Eventually they have sex. It’s really, really good sex because Logan has a huge peen and they can’t keep their hands off each other. That’s about it. I really didn’t feel any emotion from them for each other. I didn’t connect to either character. I felt like the author was telling me how they felt for each other, but I never actually believed it.

I think if more of the story had taken place in the hospital, if we had been able to witness them falling for each other and how that happened, maybe their relationship would have been more believable to me. The first person POV didn’t do it for me either. I didn’t care for Ashlyn, so having the entire story come from her point of view really didn’t work for me.  I also went into this thinking this was an erotic contemporary romance, I didn’t see this as erotica. They have sex several times, but not to the point that it was an erotic romance. I see that there are quite a few other people who really loved this story. Lots of four and five stars. It just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Favorite Quote:

He gazed into my eyes and stroked my bottom lip lovingly with his thumb. “Mine,” he whispered.

“Yes, yours. Only yours. Always.”

Rating: D+
Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan
September 22nd 2012 Self Published
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  1. says

    Ashlyn gets drunk and tries to stick her hand down his pants. About six thousand times. Eventually they have sex. It’s really, really good sex because Logan has a huge peen and they can’t keep their hands off each other. That’s about it.

    This part of your review made me lol.

    • Angela says

      This was one of those books that everybody else was giving 4 and 5 star reviews and I was like “am I missing something here?”.

      And I wanted Ashlyn to get hit by a bus about 50 pages in.