Review: Under the Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis

Under the Mistletoe by Jill ShalvisUnder the Mistletoe is listed as Lucky Harbor 6.5 so it was a short novella coming in at under 100 pages.  That didn’t really matter to me because Lucky Harbor is one of my favorite contemporary series and I will take whatever I can get!

Mia is the daughter of Tara and Ford from The Sweetest Thing.  She was given up for adoption because both parents were too young to raise a child.  Mia was lucky enough to be raised by a wonderful family.  When it came time she chose to meet Tara and Ford who were just as wonderful to her.  Her whole life though, has been about her making the effort.  She went to look for her birth parents, she chased after her first love, she made the moves on her current boyfriend.  Just once she would like someone to put in the extra effort and choose her.

Nick and Mia have been dating for six months and she is convinced he is the one.  They have similar backgrounds with adoption but Nick was not blessed with a loving family like Mia.  Nick bounced from home to home.  He has never put much into thoughts about a future relationship so when Mia gives him a plane ticket to go meet her family, he reacts in a very bad way.  Mia is heartbroken and heads home without Nick.

Back in Lucky Harbor for Chloe and Sawyer’s wedding Mia is once again surrounded by love and family but also reminded that she is there alone.  When she sees her first love, Carlos, there with his new girlfriend she is happy for him but even more lost for herself.  To say she is surprised to find Nick waiting for her one morning is an understatement.  She had thought they said everything that needed to be said.  Now Nick must prove to Mia that he does love her and that she is the one for him.  He realizes he messed up but doesn’t want that to make him lose her.

This was a novella so pretty short but still fun.  I was very happy to see Chloe finally marry Sawyer.  They have always been one of my favorite couples.  It was also good to see Tara/Ford and Maddie/Jax.  I really like getting glimpses of old couples especially when they are some of my favorites as most of Ms. Shalvis’ are.  This is a good book to tide me over until the next full length Lucky Harbor!  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“Are guys really that much of a slave to their libido?” she managed.

“It’s the testosterone.  A guy’d follow his girl all the way to Siberia if he thought it might get him laid.  Barefoot.  Uphill in the snow, both ways.”

Rating: B
Under the Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis
December 4th 2012 by Grand Central
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