Review: Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost

Twice Tempted Jeaniene FrostTwice Tempted is the second book in the Night Prince series and it is set in Jeanine Frost’s Night Huntress world. This review assumes you are familiar with the Night Huntress World  and you have read the first book in the Night Prince series. You can read our review of Once Burned here.

Twice Tempted picks up soon after Once Burned left off. Things between Leila and Vlad started out very intense but we didn’t get the happily ever, and “I love you” in Once Burned. Vlad is a complicated man and for all that he is completely taken with Leila, he has not professed his love for her verbally which is something Leila wants. In fact, he has been acting strangely lately and seems to be becoming more and more distant. In an awkward attempt to show her how he feels about her, he ends up humiliating Leila and things go from bad to worse between them. Although Leila is living in a vampire world, she maintains her humanity and has certain emotional needs a 700 year old vampire might have lost touch with. She is not content to go without a declaration of love from Vlad so she puts her foot down and leaves, returning to her roots at the carnival. But after a hideous “accident” it appears someone may be trying to kill her.

Leila is turning out to be a stand out heroine. She’s paired with a hero who has the potential to completely eclipse her character but she never lets that happen. Vlad has proven time and time again that he is ruthless and violent. He is most certainly to be feared and so that makes Leila either incredibly brave and incredibly foolish when she walks away from him, but I had to admire her conviction. She’s laid out her heart and told Vlad what she needs and he did not deliver. But on some level, even though Vlad has not said the words, she knows he cares for her and she trusts him. Her family’s safety is important to her and she wouldn’t risk them if she thought Vlad was a threat. But when the attempt is made on her life and several of her friends are killed, she suddenly does not know who she can trust, and her feelings for Vlad are tested.

Vlad is such a complicated character. He appears to be so cool…despite of all that fire…and he is so intense. He’s very intense. He’s violent, he doles out gruesome punishment to his followers when he feels it is deserved, yet never harms the innocent. He is the product of a complicated past filled with betrayal and violence and he is unapologetic about who he is. Although he may not say it, he loves Leila. He feels deeply for her and would level a city to get to her and protect her.

The romance is just so angsty this time. Twice Tempted deals with love, loss and betrayal. The angst…oh.

“I don’t want to touch you, either.”

The words hit me like slap, but before I could respond, he went on.

“No one feels like you do, so every brush of your skin is a cruel reminder of what I’ve lost. I can barely stand the site of you because you’re more beautiful than I’ve allowed myself to remember, and when I cut that wire off ******* and smelled you all over him, I wanted to kill him more than I’ve wanted to kill anyone in my life, yet I couldn’t because of my promise to you.”

Vlad is one of the scariest vampires in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress world but when this vampire loves, he loves hard…emotionally and physically.

I didn’t have a chance to cry out before another thrust/bite, sending more shattering sensations through me. My nails raked down his back as the electricity I couldn’t control surged into him. It only made him grip me tighter as he continued to move with those rapturously rough strokes. By the time I realized he’d stopped biting me, I didn’t care. He could’ve kept drinking me until there was nothing left. As long as it felt like this, I’d welcome it.

Along with an emotional romance, Frost brings the fast paced action. As with the romance, all this not wrapped up into a nice tidy package and we see a continuation of the conflict from the previous book with Vlad’s enemies (which is why you should read Once Burned if you have not already). It’s almost always about the romance for me but Frost thrilled and entertained with an action packed story that enhanced the romance that much more. I can’t think of one single thing I didn’t like about this book. I loved it from cover to cover.

I think Frost fans will love Twice Tempted.

Favorite Quote:

A chuckle vibrated against my mouth before he flung me to the floor and ripped off my skirt with one hard swipe.

“Looks like we’re having angry sex after all.”

Rating: A
Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost
March 26th 2013 by Avon
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    I’m reading this one right now! I love Vlad almost as much as Bones. I’m slow to warm to Leila though. I do like her electric power,however!

    Great review, can’t wait to get to those quotes #Hot


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