Review: Tied With a Bow – Anthology

Tied With A BowUpon a Midnight Clear by Virginia Kantra

This was my favorite story in the book. I easily fell in the love with the hero Lucien right away. This story is about Lucien, an angel who rescues a child as her dying mother’s last wish causing him to become a fallen angel. Years later as he attempts to court a wife to satisfy his “father’s” wishes he comes face to face with her. Aimee is now all grown up and not living in the happiest situation. Set in the regency period, Kantra does a wonderful job giving us a very likable heroine, a sexy honorable hero, and creating an easy to connect to emotional story. I loved this one!

First Light by Kimberly Frost 

An award winning journalist has dreamed for years of a gorgeous bronze man. Out skiing one day she comes across her dream man laying unconscious in the snow.  Is he a time traveler? Is he a God? Is he an angel? There’s a lot going on in this world Frost has created – Gods, muses, some strange breed of human/vampire – so much going on that I got a little lost when the story veered away from the scenes involving just the hero and heroine. I didn’t instantly fall in love with this story like I did the first one but I was entertained and enjoyed the hero and his personality. But what really caught my attention was the side story of what seems like two characters destined to be together but their world won’t allow it. I would be interested in reading their story if the Frost finds a way for it to work out for the two of them and writes it.

Human Error by Eileen Wilks

This ended up being a DNF for me. After 30 pages in I realized I was completely lost and didn’t know what the hell was going on. I haven’t read any of the books in this series and according to Goodreads this story is considered #8.5 in Wilks’ World of the Lupi series. I decided to  stop reading this as doing a review felt unfair to the author.

An Inconvenient Mate by Lora Leigh

A part of Leigh’s Breed series, this focuses on the Coyote breeds. I stopped reading the Breeds’ series in order around book 9 but have popped in every now and again to read a few more. Obviously a lot has happend in the world since I lost touch with it, but I still was able to enjoy this story. I think that may be for Leigh’s specialty – hot sex. Give me a tough sexy alpha hero who knows his way around a woman’s body and a virgin heroine – and well…I don’t have too hard of a time paying attention. But there was another character named Ashley and a male Breed named Brim that caught my attention, and I just may have to check out the Breed book that focuses on Ashley’s story as I am incredibly intrigued. Anyone know about this Ashley/Brim connection? Is there one? Someone fill me in!

Favorite Quote (from Upon a Midnight Clear):

Her fingers wandered, learning him by feel, rough and smooth, heavy and warm. She imagined him over her, inside her, and her nipples tightened and everything inside her softened and loosened in remembered delight. Her skin flushed. Until her stealthy pleasure roused him, and he woke and rolled with her, and memory and imagination gave way to need and joy.

Rating: C
Tied With a Bow – Anthology
November 1st 2011 by Berkley Trade
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  1. carly m. says

    A good amount of back story for both Ashley and Brimstone (though not together) is built up in Coyote’s Mate, which is my favorite Breed story and well worth a read. Brim has come in as an assassin of sorts in a few other books, but I think Leigh’s been pretty silent on Ashley.

  2. says

    Only story I want to read from this anthology is the Breed one. Still loving Lora’s breed series. Carly is right…Brim and Ashley and a possible relationship has been alluded to. It hasn’t been confirmed yet. I really hope they are suppose to be mates.