Review: Thrown by a Curve by Jaci Burton

Thrown by a Curve Jaci BurtonBefore I start the review we must all step back and drool over the goodness that is this cover.  Jaci Burton’s Play by Play series has the best covers as far as man candy goes.  I think I would read this series just to be able to flip to the front and look at the cover as I went along.

Anyway, Thrown by a Curve is the story of Cole’s (hero of Playing to Win) little sister Alicia, and Garrett Scott.  Garrett plays on the same baseball team as Alicia’s cousin Gavin so there are several connections between our hero/heroine and previous books.  Garrett was a star pitcher until the day he blew out his shoulder and now his job in the starting rotation is in jeopardy.  His current physical training is going nowhere because he doesn’t respect the work being given to him.  In a moment of frustration Alicia speaks up and tells him what she thinks and it is nothing complementary.  While Alicia is not the lead in the group she has been working with the team for the entirety of his therapy.  Garrett thinks that Alicia might be exactly what he needs to push him that extra step so he pushes for her to be in charge of getting him back in pitching shape.  The fact that she is nice to look at…well that is only a small bonus.

Alicia has never been able to keep her mouth shut and now she has a case of ‘be careful what you ask for’.  She knows she is going to have to think out of the box to get Garrett back into shape so she has come up with a unique training plan.  Hopefully it will work.    Garrett is very important to the team and she doesn’t want to draw negative attention to her by failing in this attempt.

Garrett and Alicia work together in a pretty cool physical therapy plan.  Alicia adds in several other sports such as rock climbing and golf to test Garrett’s shoulder and push him to regain the range of motion he has lost.  I really like this part of the book because it allowed Garrett and Alicia to get to know each other in almost a date-like fashion all under the guise of work.  They become pretty close because Alicia has to travel with Garrett in order to stay on top of his therapy.  They travel to visit some of his friends and even stay in the same house for spring training.  Slowly but surely we see the sexual tension develop and make itself known.  At the beginning they both acknowledge to themselves that the other person is attractive but more time spent in close quarters creates more than just tension.  They start to have feelings for each other.

The Play by Play series a fun one.  I love the connection from the original brothers and sister to now the cousins.  In Thrown by a Curve we find out what is likely the next step  for the series.  When Garrett is visiting his friends we are introduced to group of new hot bods, uh athletes that I think we allow this series to continue on.  Each new guys sounds as yummy and fun as the previous books we have read so I am excited for a chance to read them.

Thrown by a Curve is probably my least favorite of this series, so far.  Something about Garrett bugged me and I think it was that I never really liked him.  At first he was a sulky baby, then an arrogant jerk, next he had a couple of moments of likability but towards the end he was a jackass.  He was frustrated with his progress and took it out on Alicia.  He does something towards the end that made me give up on him.  And it doesn’t help matters that Alicia forgives too easily.  Garrett was given too much room to do and say what he wanted without any repercussions of those actions.  It never sat well with me.

Thrown by a Curve was still a fun installment in this series.  I love all the sports talk and the fun with the families.  Books that follow big groups like this series does are always a win for me and will make me want to come back for more.  While this one didn’t work so much for me, I eagerly look forward to the next in this great series.  Final grade- B-


Favorite Quote:

“Man, have you got some attitude. I like you, Alicia.”

She wasn’t sure how she felt about him. Jury was still out. She headed to the door. “You won’t like me when I start kicking your ass, Garrett.”

Rating: B-
Thrown by a Curve by Jaci Burton
March 5th 2013
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