Review: Three to Tango Anthology

Three to TangoThree to Tango is an anthology containg four erotic stories from Lauren Dane, Megan Hart, Emma Holly, and Bethany Kane. 

Dirty/Bad/Wrong by Lauren Dane

As a fan of Dane’s Chase Brothers series, my heart skipped a beat when I realized this erotic story was set in Petal, Georgia. Ava’s come back home to Petal for just a short period of time to deal with her mother’s death. Back in town she hooks up with friends and former lovers Angelo and Luca, and from there the a steamy sexy good time is had by all three and reminds Ava what she may be missing if she runs away from this little lovely town one more time. Oh Lauren Dane – you sure know how to write some of the best, dirtiest, hottest sex scenes ever!! Especially when those scenes involve two men and a woman. Dirty/Bad/Wrong features a variety of parternerings including M/F , some M/M, and of course some M/F/M. The story is heavy on the sex and I could definitely feel the emotions, but something about the story felt a tad rushed to me. I almost would have liked to seen a bit less sex and more communication between the three characters as Ava works out her emotions and feelings on if she can really leave Luca and Angelo behind one more time. But I definitely liked the feeling of being back in Petal, Georgia and reading the mere mention of Polly Chase’s name had me squealing with joy.

Rating: 3 Hearts

Just For One Night by Megan Hart

This is really the standout story in this anthology in my opinion. Kerry is heading to her high school reunion where she’s been given the go ahead by her boyfriend to have sex with Brian, her long time crush. Yes, you read that right – her boyfriend is okay with it and in fact he is turned on by the thought of Kerry being with another man. I didn’t think I was going to get into this story based on the premise alone, but Megan Hart does such an amazing job with all 3 characters that as the story unfolds it held on to me and wouldn’t let me go. In fact I was still thinking about this story and the characters several days after I finished reading the book. The sex was fun, playful, and hot. And most of all Megan Hart really developed a strong storyline that made me fee like I got to know each of the 3 characters in such a short period of time. This story shows you can have an erotic novella that is sexy as hell but still has a very strong and well developed storyline as well. And as for Brian – Kerry’s high school crush? Well, I’ve been crushin’ on him like crazy ever since I read this!

Rating: 4 Hearts

Flipping for Chelsea by Emma Holly

Chelsea is about to head off to college. She and her friends Liam and Shay, who have grown up as “brothers”, ALL get together one night for a sexy send off. But near the end, things go haywire when Shay reaches over to touch Liam and Liam freaks out. Shay bolts before Liam can really explain anything. Cut to 14 years later and Chelsea has come back into Liam’s life with a business proposition that quickly turns to the two of them hooking up again and jumping into bed. Also it sounded like Chelsea and Liam tried to have a go at a real relationship some years back and it just didn’t work. Did it not work because Shay wasn’t in the picture as well? Shay’s been gone for years…until he walks into Liam’s house and walks right back into Chelsea and Liam’s life.

I’ll admit I had a hard time getting into this story from the beginning and I think it was due to the young ages of the characters. Something about it just didn’t click for me. Then to have the story fast forward 14 years and have Shay walk back into the picture, I just felt no connection. I wanted more – more character development and truthfully, more exploration of some good sexy times between Shay and Liam. 😉

Rating: 2 Hearts

On the Job by Bethany Kane

Walker is a former Secret Service agent who walked out on Madeline years ago. He’s now been hired by Madeline’s boyfriend and Walker’s long time friend Tony to protect Madeline after someone tried to shoot her. This story didn’t work for me. Walker walks back into Madeline’s life and demands to have sex with her. He’s also supposedly a good friend of Tony’s. And Madeline goes right ahead with herself and has sex with Walker all while feeling like it’s the wrong thing to do….or does she really care…or does it feel just right?? And then they do it again…and again. For awhile I was thinking Walker might of just been downright crazy. Nothing about him really ever grew on me and I found Madeline the heroine to be kind of annoying. Then throw in this whacked out scene with all three of them towards the end and sadly nothing really worked for me.

Rating: 1 Heart

Overall, I think this book is worth a read specifically for the Megan Hart story. So so good! I did find Lauren Dane’s story enjoyable as well as sexy. But Brian from Hart’s Just For One Night will always hold a special place in my heart.

Favorite Quote:

Brian licked his mouth and tasted sweat. The hollow of her throat gleamed with it, and he had a sudden vision of himself leaning down to lick it. That didn’t help the pressure in his pants at all.

Three to Tango Anthology
April 21st 2011 by Berkley
Contemporary Erotic Romance
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    You can always tell when a book has just been released because everyone is doing reviews on it. Haha. I’m glad that for the most part you really enjoyed this anthology. I have noticed everyone has basically the same thoughts as you on all of the books especially the last one. That one hasn’t been getting the best reviews at all. Thanks for the review!

  2. says

    I agree..Hart’s was my favorite..I loved that one. Dane’s was okay, but def rushed in the feelings department. Did not like Holly’s at all.

    Kane’s is weird for me – I wanted to like it – it had that edge – but it was too much. And the menage at the end..felt out of place. I have read Bethany Kane’s full length – Addicted to You and really enjoyed it…

  3. says

    You know, I have never read an anthology where I liked every story. There is always at least one that doesn’t make the grade for me. But, I have discovered several new-to-me authors in anthologies so I keep reading them. Loved your review Samantha.

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    I’m dying to read this anthology. I agree though, I don’t always like each story but as you said sometimes you can find a brand new author that knocks your socks off.

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    I’m a HUGE Megan hart fan, so I’ll buy the antho based on her story alone, but I also really can’t wait to read Lauren Dane’s contribution. It looks really good. :)