Review: The Wrong Turn by Annika Martin

The Wrong Turn by Annika MartinThe Wrong Turn is the second installment in the Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers series. I can’t type that without smirking. This series so far has been very funny, kind of silly and really hot. It makes me laugh every time. I find that I really have to suspend my disbelief but I’m happy to do it because I find the quirkiness of the whole situation so enjoyable and fun. And hot. :)

Melinda, or Ice as she is now known was a bank teller who was taken hostage in a bank robbery in the first book, The Hostage Bargain. Ice (short for Isis) is now a full-fledged member of the bank robbing gang that have given themselves god names: Thor, Odin, and Zeus. She is an adrenalin junkie and is enjoying the wild and crazy lifestyle as a bank robber.

In this installment it seems the gang is getting a little cocky. They head to LA and visit an underground club that caters to the criminal element. Apparently everyone there is some sort of criminal and they seem to know each other. While in the bathroom a gang of jewel thieves known as The Giraffes try to steal Ice away from the god robbers. They are not successful as Ice’s loyalties and her heart belong to Thor, Odin, and Zeus, Ice does miss the female company of her sisters back on the sheep farm. (Yep, I just lol’d again as I typed that.) This makes me wonder if we have not seen the last of the Gigis: Brown Gigi, White Gigi and some other color Gigi. :)

Anyway, the boys are restless and feeling badass and decide they want to take on a big-ass bank. They seem to be getting a little sloppy though, or maybe I missed all the preparation for the job? I’m not sure, but I’m worried about the gang. Things go wrong, the shit hits the fan and they make a narrow escape once again. But now the gang head to the hideout where they have a sex room with lots of sex stuff. Woo and hoo!

I can’t help but think of this as sort of an x-rated TV series style Batman show. But without the superheroes. Or maybe the bad guys are the superheroes? Either way the characters are so over the top they just entertain the heck out of me. The main and secondary characters and so colorful and big I can’t help but be riveted. Although I do find myself feeling a little eye-rolly, I just like this gang of four and their crazy world.

Ice has it made in the sex department. She has three hot dudes who are crazy for her and are ready to sex her up at any moment, and she takes them one or two at a time. In the last book there was a tiny bit of touching between the robbers which seemed to hint at possible m/m/f coming up. But alas it was not to be this time. *pouty face* Perhaps the sex room at the hide out will inspire the boys? We’ll see.

This is a really quick read; it’s funny, a little weird and very over the top. I can’t help but laugh while reading and I find this series very entertaining. This sort of humor may not be for everyone, but I really enjoy it.

Favorite Quote:

I can’t believe we found a girl who will rob banks with us and let us boss her around and play dirty sex games with her.

Rating: B
The Wrong Turn by Annika Martin
October 11th 2012 – Self Published
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