Review: The Silver Chain by Primula Bond

The_Silver_ChainThe very first romance novel I read featured a ring that once worn by the woman would never come off.  No matter how much she tried the thing would magically tighten up and refused to be removed.  I was probably 13 years old and wore the heck out of that pb book.  It was falling apart by the time I was done reading it.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the book and have obsessively searched for it since my teenage years.  The blurb for the Silver Chain sounded like it could be similar so I decided to give it a try.

Serena has moved to London to finally make her life happen.  She is a photographer and she needs to be where the big galleries are if she is to ever be a success.  One night there and she is in trouble though.  While she is out taking pictures of Halloween she attracts the notice of Gustav Levi.  Gustav is rich, famous and owns multiple galleries.  After some dancing around he offers her a contract.  Become his until Christmas time or upon the time her work sells out and he will provide the showcase she needs to launch her career.

Serena cannot resist the pull of the man nor can she say no to her dream.  She agrees to his terms and assumes they will be together right away.  But Gustav has a dark past and a lack of trust in people.  He will not kiss her and he will not sleep with her despite the explosive chemistry between them.  What Serena finds is that Gustav is a man deeply wounded by his ex-wife and the loss of his family.  But where that leaves them and their deal she just isn’t sure.

The sliver chain that is listed in the title is a bracelet that Gustav gives Serena.  The bracelet, once clasped, does not come off and has a hook on it that will allow Gustav to clip her to him.  It sounds a little odd but when used in sexual scenes it is kind of hot.  Gustav has serious control issues because of his ex and uses little things like the chain to calm himself.  The chain doesn’t have anything to with slaves or BDSM or anything 50 shades, it is just part of the story that worked.

There were two sides of this book for me.  There were the times when Gustav and Serena were together and then everything else.  Everything else held little appeal.  There were pages and pages of description and going ons and more than one odd scene of self-pleasuring.  This is a long book so those parts were very frustrating and frankly a bit weird.  But then when they are together, magic jumps off the pages.  The scenes with both of them are filled with mystery, possession and lust.  It got to the point where if Gustav and Serena were not together I would jump to the next scene where they were together.  I am not sure if that is good or bad, jumping to the next scene.

Even though there are large parts of the book I would page past, I was held captivated until the end.  There is an air of menace and darkness that covers the story and begs for an answer.  Gustav is so troubled and closed off and we know that if he were to just tell Serena everything she would be in.  But even down to the final pages, we don’t know if she is in.  Instead we are given a cliffhanger that while it made me say, “ohhhhh, didn’t see that coming!”, I still felt was very appropriate to how the whole book read.

So yes, I had my problems with this book.  It is so long and overly dramatic in the details and telling but I will be the first person in line when the next book releases.  The overall story is one mixed with angst and seduction and enough to keep this reader happy!  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“I think it’s a case of suck it and see.”

Rating: B-
The Silver Chain by Primula Bond
July 4th 2013 by Mischief
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    In the book you remember (with the ring) was the guy a prince? And was it a Harlequin Presents? I own an old book that is very similar to what you’re describing!