Review: The Renfield Syndrome by J.A. Saare

The Renfield SyndromeQuick Rundown:  The Renfield Syndrome picks up right where Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between left off.  Being indebted to a demon has little perks and the consequences lead Rhiannon into a time warp which propels her 101 years into the future.  Her vampire lover, Disco, is missing, New York looks like a ghost town and there is a shifter by the name of Carter who believes Rhiannon is destined to be his mate and refuses to let her out of his sight.   But Rhiannon is tough, tenacious and determined to do whatever is necessary to complete her task and reverse time to where her life had a tad less chaos than her current circumstances.

First Impression:  When I think of author J.A. Saare and Rhiannon’s Law, I know to be ready for a mental workout and the ride of my life.  Ms. Saare did not disappoint in this second installment.  Packed full of action from takeoff, I strapped my seatbelt on and settled in for a turbulent, yet oh so enjoyable ride.

The Heroine:  Rhiannon is one of the most badass heroine’s I have read in Urban Fantasy to date.  From her snarky “one liners” to her own mental black book of “Rhiannon’s Law” facts which she lists by number, you can bet she is going to grab whatever life throws her by the balls and not look back.  While being an extremely clever and independent woman, she also has a very caring heart and vulnerabilities that are witnessed through her thoughts and actions towards others.  Rhiannon is the kind of character/woman you would love to have as a best friend because when it comes down to the wire she will always have your back.

The Hero:  Ms. Saare brings two heroes to the series and in turn creates a well developed romantic triangle.  While we see less of Disco, who is the main hero of the first book, his presence is still very real and his life has made a lasting impression on those that are closest to him.  Paine, who stands as more of the main hero in this book, has somewhat of a character transformation and we begin to see his true feelings and desires for Rhiannon which were for the most part hidden in the first book.

What worked:  Just when you think you know where the story is heading, you get slapped in the face with the opposite outcome.  The plot and action is full throttle from beginning to end and the emotional level of the characters as they live through it is prominent and clear to the reader.  You are physically laughing, screaming, and at times teary in witnessing the drama of Rhiannon and those closest to her.

What didn’t work:  There was really nothing that didn’t work.  The pace of the story was steady, solid and there were a lot of  “wow”, “what the ?”, “omg” moments.  At times, I questioned if I would be okay with the outcome of several pivotal moments, but in the end I definitely felt the vibe of emotion, circumstances and how it all played out.

Final Conclusion:  Ms. Saare has definitely grown into her comfort zone of Urban Fantasy and it is evident in this second installment of Rhiannon’s Law.  What I enjoy most about her writing style is her strong characters, fast paced storylines, and lack of fluff!  She does not settle by leaving the reader with a quickly wrapped HEA.  She takes her characters on an emotionally dark and gritty journey that would have the normal human begging for the alcohol and a lifetime prescription of Xanex.  Thank goodness we can escape into her world and witness the journey without chronic anxiety attacks!  The Renfield Syndrome delivered the action, humor, grit, and emotion I have come to expect from Ms. Saare and I cannot wait for the next installment (The Ripple Effect) in this “fly by the seat of your pants” series.

Favorite Quote:  

“You have a lot to answer for, love.  I can’t decide if I want to take you to my bed and bust that perfect ass of yours-or rip off your clothing and take you here and now against the wall.”

Rating: A
The Renfield Syndrome by J.A. Saare
August 23rd 2011
Urban Fantasy
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      I agree Mandi. I think it’s unique and unusual that there are two heroes that are both so likeable. I can’t wait for book 3 to see what is next!


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