Review: The Queen’s Consorts by Kele Moon + Giveaway

“Their souls are bound to hers. They were supposed to be with her always.”

Set on the planet of Auroria, Sari is on the run from a life of slavery with the Order of the Seven Swords. Venturing near the Sacred City, Sari meets up with a young girl, Aria, who is homeless in the streets near the capital. Sari, feeling an The Queen's Consorts by Kele Moonimmediate bond with Aria, knows that unclaimed orphan females are usually seized for the underground sex market and therefore longs to protect the young, innocent girl with a zeal for life and hope for her future.

The planet’s ecosystem has not been fruitful for years, lacking foliage and sunlight since their queen was taken at infancy after an attack on her life by a coup of Rayians. Auroria and it’s atmosphere has been bleak since the queen’s exile and for females without lifemates, a very dangerous place to survive. Once the queen is found and returned to her throne in the Sacred City, she will once again be united with her male consorts, her lifemates who were born to serve and protect their queen until death. Only then will the planet return to it’s natural beauty and splendour.

“Her pleasure brings out the sun. Her smiles fertilize the soil. Her sighs make the winds blow and scatter the seeds across the land. Her tears make it rain, but if they’re tears of rapture, they bring out rainbows.”

Once Sari sets her mind to try and help Aria, they are attacked by a street gang and Sari is out numbered. Aria escapes and finds help from a friend, Marco, who is one of the queen’s guards. Marco sees the pendant around Sari’s neck and informs the other guards that she is a sister to the queen and therefore both she and Aria will take sanctuary in the palace to heal from the attack. Marco takes Sari to the queen’s male consorts, Calden and Taryen, knowing they will soothe and serve any sister to the queen until the queen is found. What they do not anticipate is the intense attraction and carnal desire both immediately experience with Sari. Sari has never felt a sexual attraction to any man until she is in the presence of the consorts and she is baffled and intrigued by it. It is known that the consorts cannot have a sexual relationship with anyone other than their lifemate, the queen. The consorts begin to question if Sari could possibly be their queen. But if she is, why doesn’t she know it? And if she’s not, and their passion crosses the line, it is ultimately a death wish for all three.

I am not an avid sci/fi reader but if anyone can persuade me with minimal effort to take a dive into a fantasy world, it’s Kele Moon. Pair the world with a hot menage and sex scenes penned with Ms. Moon’s unique and impassioned voice and the result is a sensual, satisfying read regardless of where the story takes place. While the setting definitely has sci/fi elements, the history of the Rayians, the language and the palace setting also provides a feeling of an ancient culture similar to the Roman era as well. The consorts, Taryen and Calder, are not only feared warriors, but they are lovers as well. Forming a relationship and bond since birth, their love and passion is solid and steadfast for each other as well as their queen. The fact that both Taryen and Calder are the most beautiful males in all of Auroria with bodies built like gods, pierced tongues and bejeweled cocks only enhances the desire Sari feels for them both. The consorts are in essence, slaves to the leadership council of the Rayians and therefore can be called upon at any time to serve the people for amusement, sexual favors, or whatever the council desires. Intelligent and loyal to their queen, they will do whatever is necessary to survive under the leadership of the evil Laysa until they are finally reunited with their lifemate who will ultimately take the throne and power over the planet.

“Hope gives strength and makes it easier to survive. So does surrender.”

Ms. Moon paints a vivid picture of the planet, how it is governed as well as provides a steady pace of action and suspense leading up to the queen’s return and the final battle for power over the monarchy. Rich in descriptive emotion and sensual passion, Ms. Moon provides a primal and soulful connection of the three main characters that is emotionally and physically charged throughout the story. As always, Moon’s writing is sultry and intoxicating allowing the reader to be swept into the emotional highs and lows that her character’s experience along their journey.

“Calder released Taryen’s hair, reached down, and touched Sari again. Only this time, instead of playing with her clit, he pushed his fingers into her once more, stretching her, making her shift over him in frustration. All his touch did was make her feel a strange, aching want that had her clutching around his finger. Never, in all the pleasure classes that she taught at the Order, did she experience something like this. The overwhelming need. The hunger to be owned and taken and dominated by males, not just any males, but two very special ones she would trust with more than her body. She felt like they owned her soul.”

When Kele Moon offered me a copy of The Queen’s Consorts for review, she informed me that the story became an outlet for all of the dark, sexual creativity she had poured into her novel, Beyond Eden. She went on to say that while the Eden series is her personal twist on the Garden of Eden, The Queen’s Consorts is her twist on Mother Nature. Regardless of where her creativity stems from, what I have found is Ms. Moon always succeeds in captivating me with her stories, her characters and her love for writing is always visible within the pages.

Fans of Kele Moon’s work as well as readers who enjoy menage should definitely escape to this magical and sensual fantasy realm. Two warriors, built like the gods with an insatiable desire to please and serve should be all the incentive needed!

Rating: B+
The Queen’s Consorts by Kele Moon
April 23rd 2013 by Loose Id, LLC
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  1. Angela says

    I love scifi/fi romance. I’m adding this one to my TBR list. Great review Amy!

  2. Ileana Rivera says

    This is the only book of Kele Moon’s I do not have. I’m not that into too sci-fi but this review has me really intrigued. Would love to win a free copy.

  3. Valarie P says

    I generally don’t read sci-fi romance because I just haven’t found any that can hold my attention for long. I’m much better with watching sci-fi than reading it. However, I love Kele Moon’s books and this one sounds really intriguing, and it just might do the trick.

  4. Jodie says

    Great review! I am very interested in this book. I have read a couple others by her and was not disappointed!

  5. Glittergirl says

    This sounds like the book for me. I fell in love with scii-fi romance with Angela Knight and menage is my favorite erotic romance to read. Thanks for the giveaway
    glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

  6. Mary Preston says

    THE QUEEN’S CONSORTS sounds like a change of pace for me. Got to love that.

  7. Reilah says

    I’m not much of a sci-fi reader, but this seems really interesting!! Thanks for the chance to win a copy. <3

  8. Justine says

    “When Kele Moon offered me a copy of The Queen’s Consorts for review, she informed me that the story became an outlet for all of the dark, sexual creativity she had poured into her novel, Beyond Eden. She went on to say that while the Eden series is her personal twist on the Garden of Eden, The Queen’s Consorts is her twist on Mother Nature.” For me, this was the most convincing part of this post because I normally don’t read much scifi.

  9. says

    Thank you so much to Amy for taking the time to read and review. . . I’m so thrilled she liked it. And a double thank you to Fiction Vixen for hosting the giveaway.

    I wanted to wish good luck to everyone who entered!! And a happy Sunday too!



  10. Jax says

    This looks fantastic! I haven’t had the pleasure of reading anything by Kele Moon yet.

  11. Stacy says

    I agree with Amy, Sci/fi isn’t my favorite but for a Kele Moon book I’ll read it! Great Review! Great cover! Thank you for the chance to win!