Review: The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

The Many Sins Of Lord Cameron“Do be careful, Ainsley.  They entice you, these Mackenzie’s, first with their wickedness and then with all that is heartbreaking.”

Cameron Mackenzie is a widow and a womanizer.  His prior wife met a brutal death at her own hand after attacking Cameron in a fit of rage.  Haunted by her death and the ongoing physical abuse she inflicted on him while he tried to protect their infant son, Cameron has no desire to get close to another woman except for a night of romping in the sheets.  When he leads his latest conquest to his room what he least expects is a moment of déjà vu.  He finds Ainsley Douglas, the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, sneaking around in his bedroom searching for the Queen’s intimate letters which are being used as blackmail against her majesty.  Six years ago, Cameron found Ainsley in the same predicament, searching for a stolen necklace that belonged to another woman.  During that time Cameron’s intent of seduction fell short after Ainsley stopped his advances in order to be faithful to her then husband.  Now, Ainsley is a widow and Cameron has no intention of allowing her to say no to his advances.  Ever the gentleman, Cameron learns of the blackmail and is determined to help Ainsley, but it is not without a price.  Since that illusive night, Cameron has longed to savor and seduce the woman that bewitched him and finish what they started.  Ainsley never forgot the heat of their initial encounter and how Cameron’s touch awakened her body.  Now, she wants him as much, if not more, than he does her.  But what she hopes to avoid is a broken heart.

With each Mackenzie brother, Jennifer Ashley creates a strong yet tortured man with a distinct individuality that lures you into his heart and soul.  As the reader, you are immediately engaged in their passion, idiosyncrasies and their desire to obtain the woman that will complete them.  Be it Ian, Mac or Cameron “Cam,” Ms. Ashley’s emotionally compelling drive of each character pulls you into the raw and real goodness of each man.  Cam is no exception.  While his heart is guarded, his personality is bold, sensual, teasing, loving and genuine.  And Ainsley is a beautifully fearless woman.  She acknowledges her feelings for Cam up front and knows that she will eventually succumb to his charm.  She sees straight through Cam’s hurt and fear of past tragedies and shows a great amount of patience in helping him overcome his trust issues towards women.  In each pairing, Ms. Ashley delivers a solid, sexy, character driven story for the Mackenzie brothers and it is their wicked, seductive and virile nature that keeps you anticipating the next installment of this fabulous series.

Favorite Quote: 

“He wanted her unfettered.  He wanted to close his mouth over her breast, to taste and suckle her.  Cameron had wanted that, he realized, for more than six years, and not only because she’d confounded him that long-ago night.  He wanted her, Ainsley, the beautiful, brave woman.”

Rating: B
The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley
August 2nd 2011 by Penguin
Historical Romance
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    • says

      Michelle- Yes, we get good updates of Ian & Beth as well as Mac and Isabella. We also get a taste of Hart and Eleanor of which I am dying for!

    • says

      Catherine-I suggest you start with the first book, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie and savor each one! This is by far my favorite historical series to date! Enjoy!

  1. tori says

    Great review Amy. I love the Mackenzie brothers. Cam’s story was so heartfelt. And now we find out there will be 2 more after the next book-SQUEEE!!!!

    • says

      I agree Tori. Cam’s was full of heart and OMG I can’t wait for Hart and Eleanor! I think Jennifer will blow the pages up on those two! So glad this series is continuing beyond Hart’s book!

  2. Dani says

    That first quote is perfect… “They entice you, these Mackenzie’s, first with their wickedness and then with all that is heartbreaking.”
    That’s how I fell about them. I loved them all… Can’t wait for Hart and Eleonor…

  3. says

    Cam is no exception. While his heart is guarded, his personality is bold, sensual, teasing, loving and genuine. And Ainsley is a beautifully fearless woman.

    I’m sold. :) I really need to start at the beginning though.


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