Review: The Hostage Bargain by Annika Martin

The Hostage Bargain Annika MartinMelinda Prescott is an adrenaline junkie who works as bank teller and lives on her family’s sheep farm. Clearly she’d rather be doing something more exciting with her life but she’s committed to saving the family farm if no other reason for the sake of her sisters. She detests her smarmy boss who is on the verge of foreclosing on the sheep farm. So when the bank is robbed by three zombie-masked men Melinda sees a golden opportunity to stick it to her boss. She assists the robbers by pointing them to the big loot. When the plan starts to go wrong, she finds herself in the back of the getaway van, blindfolded and on the run. Since this is far more exciting than being a bank teller and sheep farmer, she decides to roll with it and see what the immediate future holds with the dangerous, and possibly sexy outlaws. What follows is a life changing adventure she’ll never forget.

After reading the blurb I wasn’t completely sold; I think the words “sex maniacs” and “sheep farm” in the same blurb might have made me pause for a second.  I assumed this book was either going to be very cheesy or loaded down with sex (not the sexy kind), with no plot. But I was taken in by Melinda right away with her quirky personality and unexpected perspective. She’s funny and impulsive and when presented with a highly dangerous situation, she takes the bull by the horns and turns it into the adventure of a lifetime. Her reluctant captors think they’re in control, but Melinda works her way under their skin and manages to become part of their gang.

Although the bank robbers know Melinda’s name, she only knows them by their “god” names. They are Zeus, Odin, and Thor. I can hardly type that with a straight face and that is one of the reasons I liked this book so much. It sounds so ridiculous but while reading I was so engrossed in the story and characters, their weird circumstances and names made perfect sense to me. Anyway, “the boys” as I like to refer to them, are a great big pot of dangerous, sexy stew but with distinctly different flavors. Thor is the obvious crowd favorite. He befriends Melinda first and also makes a move on her first. He shows a little vulnerability and wait for it…he’s a dirty talker!! Odin is the psy-guy. He can read people and is a little more dominate than Thor. Then there is Zeus, the broody, leader who has lots of internal struggles.

There are several really steamy scenes that involve domination and Melinda’s desire to be dominated. The sexual chemistry and tension is thick from early on I found myself looking forward to every intimate encounter because the buildup to these scenes was absolutely titillating. The suspense was nothing wildly over the top but again, I found myself eagerly looking forward to what would happen next. The answers (some of them) come late in the story but the suspense builds throughout.

It’s been a while since I read an erotic romance that made me want to read it in one sitting. I inhaled The Hostage Bargain because I loved all the characters, and I cared about them. I chuckled out loud a few times and the build up to the intimate scenes was almost as hot as the actual scenes.

I called this an erotic romance: erotic because the sex involves menage, and some light dom/sub play, and romance because there is a romantic relationship developing between the heroine and her three captors/partners in crime. But, there is not a traditional happily ever after. The story ends on a happy for now, which left me a tiny bit disappointed until I realized the story does not end at “The End”. There are more books coming which hopefully means more fun, action, suspense and hot menage lovin’ for Melinda and her gods. <—LOL

Rating: B+
The Hostage Bargain by Annika Martin
April 2012
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  1. says

    I think the words “sex maniacs” and “sheep farm” in the same blurb might have made me pause for a second.


    I think you might be speaking my language with this one. Although I do have issues with HFN. I am a definite HEA girl.

  2. Amy says

    I have this one waiting for me as well. It sounds like it will be some smutty, sexy fun!