Review: The Heart of a Hero by Janet Chapman

After spending 31 years guarding and protecting Carolina, princess of Atlantis, Nicholas’s job is done. A year ago he took The Heart of a Heroposition of Director of Security at Nova Mare in Spellbound Falls, Maine, an upscale resort owned by Mac and Olivia Oceanus.  Nicholas washed up on the shores of Atlantis as an infant, was adopted by a lovely family and has spent his life in service to the royal family. He regularly takes on mythological gods, foreign royalty and various armies through out time. But for some reason this “most eligible bachelor” can’t nail down the one woman he actually wants. Julia Campbell has been put through the ringer by men in her thirty years, her father is the town drunk, her ex-husband divorced her after she put him through school, leaving her with a mountain of credit card debt and an undeserved reputation as a slut. She has absolutely no desire to get involved with anyone again and she definitely doesn’t need a hero. Especially the blue-eyed, hunky, hard bodied man who every woman in town is chasing after.

Whenever I think of how to describe Janet Chapman’s writing the one word I think of is: Charming. Her heroes are full of old world courage and charisma trying to acclimate themselves in these modern times while falling in love with twenty- first century woman. They are surrounded by friends, family,  magic and loyalty. The very best part of this author’s books are her wonderful characters. They just leave you smiling and with a feeling of contentment. The women are every woman who reads romance, tired, busy, with a life full of challenges and yet trying to overcome what ever life throws at them. They are swept away by men who are willing to do anything to protect them and give them everything they deserve. The very reason I started reading romance.

Nicholas hasn’t found the woman he wants to spend his life with until he comes across the contrary, guarded Julia. He comes to her rescue one evening when he helps her out in a situation involving her father. When he protects her a second time he decides that this is someone he would like to court. The only problem is Julia has no desire to be courted. She actively avoids him, rebuffing him time and again, even going as far as to climb out windows and hide behind trees to prevent from running into him. For the life of her she can’t figure out why such a tall, sexy, strong man would want to date the girl in town with the worst reputation. Not to mention if any of the woman chasing him figure out he is interested in her they just might do her bodily harm.

This was a fun read, the manic heroine running around, getting talked into a job she thinks is too big for her, trying to figure out how to help her family, dodging the hero, just to end up falling for him anyway. Julia is funny and strong. I admired her determination to solve her problems on her own. She has her reasons for not wanting to get involved in another relationship. Nicholas was the laid back gentleman to her craziness. He basically outlasts her, wearing her down until she realizes she’s fallen in love and doesn’t want to live with out him. Their romance was heart warming, slow and sweet. With just the right amount of angst and some pretty great sexy times. Julia is just as crazy during sex, ripping Nicholas’s clothes off and doing dirty things to him when all he was trying to get was a kiss. She thinks of them as one night stands, while he is pretty sure they are in a relationship. Only in relationships the woman doesn’t generally climb out the window and run home immediately after lovemaking.  Poor Nicholas, I was rooting for him the whole time.

Julia isn’t introduced to the “magic” of Spellbound Falls until the end and of course she reasons it out in her own humorous, quirky way. The conclusion was fun and lovely and left me looking forward to Janet Chapman’s next release. If you haven’t given this author a try yet, I would urge you to do so. Take a break from the angsty, dramatic, action filled suspenses and try relaxing with one of her warm, funny romances.  Final Grade: B

Favorite Quote:

“H-how many bedrooms are you planning to build?”

He lifted gleaming eyes to hers. “I was thinking… six.”

“You want six kids?” she squeaked.

“Sons— six sons.”

“Well, good luck growing a uterus,” she snapped, bolting down the hall.

Holy Hades, that should teach her to be careful what she wished for!

Rating: B
The Heart of a Hero by Janet Chapman
March 5th 2013 by Jove
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  1. JenM says

    It’s funny, her books never end up on my keeper shelf, but I always enjoy reading them. Thanks for the review. I didn’t realize she had a new book out.

  2. says

    Me either. I agree wholeheartedly with you about Ms. Chapman’s writing and books. I read them and always feel good after. The writing and stories are somewhat formulaic but so are most romances these days, but this one sounds like a new arc is starting in Spellbound Falls.

  3. Glittergirl says

    I absolutely adore Janet’s books. I have them all and read each one with a glad heart! She never fails to give me a smile and an adventure with a warrior or highlander. Her books are filled with animal characters and her beloved Maine…so much like my Oregon :-)

    • says

      There are lots of animal characters on this one… Nicholas has a herd if cats he’s collected over the years. Her books make me want to visit Maine. She makes it sound so lovely.