Review: The Devil’s Thief by Samantha Kane

The Devil's Thief Samantha KaneWhen Alasdair Sharpe wakes up with a thief in his bedroom the first thing he does is reach for his gun.  The second thing he does is proposition the thief?  Well, yes because the thief is a woman and he is very intrigued.

Julianna Harte is desperate.  She needs money to pay the rent on the foundling house she is responsible for.  She cannot go to her father because she doesn’t want it to seem like she can’t handle the small amount of responsibility she has been given.  She comes up with a crazy plan to steal a family heirloom from Alasdair.  While she is in the middle of stealing it Alasdair wakes up and gives her a proposal of his own.  Spend the night with him, how he wants to spend it, and he will let her leave with the pearl.  Julianna has spent her whole life being overlooked so she takes this one chance at pleasure, at excitement.  She says yes.

Alasdair has no intention of letting her leave with the pearl.  He has been entrusted with keeping it safe against many objections from his family.  He is a bit of a free spirit and nobody believes he can keep the thing safe.  He aims to prove them wrong.  Of course, when he wakes the next morning, after a spirited night with Julianna, he finds she is gone and has taken the pearl with her.

Damn his lustful, careless, useless soul.  As if his cock alone would make a thieving harlot forget about her prize.  What a colossal, vain idiot he was.

Alasdair turns to some close friends to find Julianna.  They are part of a group known as The Saint’s Devils.  Hil and Roger will help him find out who Julianna is and help him get the pearl back all before anyone might know it is gone.

So I found myself torn with this book.  The plot is beyond silly.  Julianna steals the pearl, Alasdair finds out who she is and then chases after her to get the pearl back.  While that doesn’t sound silly all of the things that happen in between are silly.  Julianna was a virgin when she was with Alasdair so it was a bit of shock when the next day she tells him she took the pearl to her new lover, and he believes her.  He gets angry and lashes out.  Um, she was a virgin the night before.  Why would he think she moved on that quickly?

The writing in this book is extremely clever and fun.  The banter between Alasdair, Roger and Hil make the whole book.  The three of them are way too funny.  Add in Wiley, another character who helps Julianna and you have several very interesting men.  I found myself looking forward to the interaction between them more than the romance of the book.  And for a romance book that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The romance, or should I call is sexmance, between Alasdair and Julianna was hot.  Ms. Kane has a firm handle on how to write a sex scene.  Emotionally the two seemed a bit desperate for each other and I wasn’t quite sure why.  Maybe it had to do with the steamy sex?

There is one sex scene in the book that made me laugh.  When the couple meets up again at a society party they move to another room to have a ‘discussion’.  The discussion turns into sex on a desk which normally wouldn’t make me think twice.  However, they switch positions halfway through and have sex doggie-style on the desk.  Um, ok.  On a desk?  That had to hurt the knees not to mention the danger of falling off!

So yes, this book is good.  I did like it with the exception of a few head scratching moments.  I like Ms. Kane’s voice.  She has a fresh writing style that I think everyone would like.  Final grade- B-


Favorite Quote:

“You may call me Miss Harte,” her voice trembling with anger.

“I just fucked you like an animal on a desk, Miss Harte,” he said.  “I believe we are beyond social pleasantries.”

Rating: B-
The Devil’s Thief by Samantha Kane
November 12th 2012 by Random House
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    I really enjoyed this one, mostly because of the characters and their interactions. They are fun as you mentioned. While I agree, the plot had some over-the-top qualities, I found the misadventures entertaining. In the end I’d love to know more, especially about Hil!


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