Review: Thankless in Death by J.D. Robb

 Thankless in Death (In Death #37) by J.D. Robb Thankless in Death is one of those In Death books that opens up with the killer instead of my beloved Roarke (and Eve).  Jerry Reinhold is a real piece of work.  He is selfish, whiny and has this idea that nothing is ever his fault and everyone is out to get him.  When his parents finally call him on it he decides to put himself out of misery and kill them.  First he kills his mother and then when he realizes he likes it so much he waits around for his dad to come home.  When Eve and Peabody arrive the violence and rage of the killing quickly tells them that it was personal.  After some fast investigating it becomes obviously that Jerry, the son, has done the murders and they are off to find him.

I got a little grumbly when I was to chapter five and there had been only one short scene with Roarke.  Its Roarke.  Come on, he deserves pages and pages of time!  We did get some scenes with him by chapter six, however we have about four times as much time with Jerry, the fuckhole as Eve calls him, than we did with Eve and Roarke.  I love the way Robb is able to come up with new bad guys story after story but darn, I didn’t want all that time with Jerry.  I wanted more Eve and Roarke!

There is a scene fairly close to the beginning of the book that really made me realize how much Eve has progressed in 37 books.  It is a conversation with Whitney and one where she talks about her future as a cop and how her relationship decisions have effected it.  I was happy that the offer was finally on the table and just as happy with Eve’s decision.  I know we are 37 books in and at some point Eve and Roarke will have to focus on possibly having kids and the future but for now I am happy with where they are.  I like the vindication without the change.

Eve and Roarke are awarded medals for their service on a recent case in this book.  The medals are good but I really enjoyed the ceremony.  The ceremony takes places right in the middle of the case so per usual Eve is grumpy and annoyed she has to take time away from working to go to some political thing.  Once she arrives at the auditorium she sees every person we have touched in previous books sitting there to watch them receive the medals.  It was a real special moment to see all the secondary characters plus people from old cases remind Eve the reason she does the job.

A couple of normal things, Eve has taken to hiding candy in her car to avoid the candy thief.  She did not have a nightmares or anything that would allude to the trauma of her past.  Somerset is just as awesome as ever.  Roarke’s family is in town because it is Thanksgiving.  I love parts where we have time away from cases, times where we can see Eve and Roarke just be.

Sadly, this was probably my least favorite book in the series.  I hesitate to say that because some part of me fears it will trigger an ending to the series.  I know that is silly, Robb wouldn’t end the series because of me but I wonder when she is going to wind it down.  I guess it doesn’t really matter though because I will pick up these books for as long as she wants to write them.  As usual, I did this one on audio and Susan Ericksen was fantastic.  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“Oh for the sake of silicone Jesus!”


“You, you, you bought it for me?”  The me ended dangerously close to a squeal.  “Dallas!”

“If you hug me I’m shoving that lip dye up your ass.”

Peabody did a little dance in her pink cowboy boots.  “I wanna.  I really, really wanna.  But I won’t because I won’t have pink pretty lips if it’s up my ass.”

Rating: B-
Thankless in Death by J.D. Robb
September 17th 2013 by Putnam Adult
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  1. claire says

    Its Roarke. Come on, he deserves pages and pages of time!” Amen!! He needs all the pages!

  2. says

    Yeah, this wasn’t my favorite either, and when the issue of a captaincy came up, I had a brief panic moment that the end was nearing (please, never!).

    I appreciated that this was more hands-on detective work and it was all about Eve outsmarting the bad guy, but I didn’t enjoy this one much as I usually do. Plus, those torture/murder scenes were pretty gruesome. Less gratuitous violence, more gratuitous Roarke!

  3. says

    Although this is your least fav in the series, a B- is still pretty good so it sounds like you are still loving the series! Thanks for your review Jen. :)