Review: Ten Reasons Not To Date A Cop by Amie Louellen

”How’d you get home?”

“Luc offered me a ride.”


“Detective Blackfox.”

“The cop who pulled you over and gave you two tickets?”

“Three. But who’s counting?”

Ten Reasons Not To Date A Cop

I had a lot of fun reading this lighthearted story. The hero, Luc, is a detective who’s investigating a missing statue that is superficially connected to the heroine, Kaylee. It’s a throwaway plotline that isn’t focused on much beyond being solved in the end and occasionally cropping up when the plot needed a way to throw the main characters back together. I was perfectly fine with this as it left room for a lot of time for fun shenanigans with the hero and heroine.

Luc used to be friends with Kaylee’s brothers back when they were in high school, but that isn’t explored much beyond giving them an excuse to be a bit more comfortable with each other and to provide a good opportunity for Kaylee’s very loving family to mortify her later in the book. That lack of development is the case with a lot of things in the book. Kaylee has five ex-fiancées that weren’t delved into as more than a joke and Luc starts to feel insecure and question if his first marriage broke up because of the very complaints about cops that Kaylee throws at him as excuses for not being willing to date them, but none of that is explored beyond the surface. I would have enjoyed seeing some things fleshed out but the superficiality fit well with the overall tone of the book which was fun, fast, and funny.

Speaking of funny, there were a lot of scenes that had me giggling out loud. I loved that Luc’s partner and Kaylee’s coworker were so convinced that they were helping them hookup that they would hang up on them or deny a request for help, not recognizing that it was serious. Luc and Kaylee even ended up handcuffed together for a whole night because Luc’s partner thought his call for help in the middle of the night was just for form’s sake for Kaylee who was listening on the other end. He just laughed at him and told him he’d swing by in the morning and refused to answer his phone after that! Poor Luc got stuck standing in his own shower with the curtain closed because Kaylee wouldn’t pee if she couldn’t pretend he wasn’t in the room with her. LOL.

The overall dialogue had a lot of humor to it and the author was able to do it without making the reader feel like they were reading a series of tired one-liners. The characters were also really likable, although Kaylee had some issues that I got tired of. I thought her hang-ups about her past relationships were pretty funny in the beginning but I eventually became annoyed that she had all these judgments about her parents’ relationship without even ever bothering to talk to them about it. Her attitude occasionally had a childish tone to it that I wasn’t much of a fan of, but she had a reality check in the end, so her issues didn’t last forever.

If you’re in the mood for a quick, fun read that will amuse you, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Favorite Quote:

“I don’t want to get involved.”

“We’re already involved.”

“No.” She shook her head. “We’re not involved. I don’t want to be involved, and I won’t be involved with you.”

“With a cop.”

“I told you. I told you from the very beginning.”




“Flattery will get you nowhere.”

Rating: C+
Ten Reasons Not To Date A Cop by Amie Louellen
November 20th 2012 by Samhain
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